Friday, May 05, 2006

Knitting Content Will Resume But...

I have been fortunate in my life to have never really been seriously ill. I've had my share of sinus infections, bronchitis and a couple of flu hits. I've never been hospitalized or even broken a bone. And I'm not so self-centered as to think that this little bout with pneumonia is comparable to what others out there have suffered.

Still and all, this thing has has really hit me hard. I'm back at work, but nowhere near 100%. I can't walk down the hallway without someone stopping me to make sure I'm OK or to point out the drastic weight loss and lack of color in my cheeks. The word "gaunt" was used. It was meant as an expression of concern, but it's sort of an ego-buster if you see my point.

Yesterday, I had to stop and rest at WalMart. You know, like my grandmother used to have to do. I just couldn't seem to catch my breath. Today I needed to grocery shop as I was down to three saltines and six grains of coffee after not being able to get out for seven days. I had a coughing fit that forced me to pull over in the health food aisle (ironic, wouldn't you say) until it passed and I could stand up straight. Once home, I was faced with the task of getting said groceries up to my second floor condo. I could do several "light" trips with rests in between, but that might mean not having the energy to finish the job. I could stand helplessly by the door looking all pathetic until some hunky dude strolled by and, enamored of my gauntness, gallantly offered to assist. I could just load up and do one big trip up the stairs and get it over with. I chose the latter. Once safely ensconced in hearth and home, I needed to lay down for a moment. By this I do not mean that I put the groceries away and settled on the couch. No, I dropped the bags and lay down on the kitchen floor gasping and holding my side. Picture a big, old fish flopping around on the boat was sorta like that. For what it was worth, the cats seemed to find it entertaining and kept coming over to lick my head. They are not as helpful as they think they are.

It all worked out. I have food in the house, it's put away (sort of) and a lovely double dose of tylenol-3 is now coursing through my system attempting to quiet the pains in my back and side. And it's the weekend so I can rest my wheezy self for a couple of days before heading out to try and work a full week.

And this weekend is going to include some of the spinning and knitting that has been so sadly neglected during this trial by virus. I'm told this is going to be a slow recovery and to expect more days like what I've previously described. But I'm just going to smile blithely ('cuz I'm on an ungodly amount of painkillers...) and remember that I'm lucky to be able to recover.

And, as God is my witness, this blog will return to it's regular posts about knitting, spinning and all the stupid mistakes I make whilst engaging in these activities!


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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better. My friend had "monkey pox" (though she was sure it was "bird flu") in the fall and just noticed that she feels "normal" now. Take it easy.