Saturday, May 13, 2006

Do Sheep Shrink When It Rains?

OK, probably not. But this Sheep decided not to risk it. I stayed in rather than brave the ongoing onslaught of H2O that has been pouring down for the last few days. Mom always said don't play in the rain...wouldn't want to get sick, now, would I? (this said sarcastically as I already have pneumonia...)

Tomorrow being Mother's Day, I had something of an assignment anyway. My brother and I will be heading out to the 'rent's house tomorrow to celebrate the big day as well as all our birthdays in one big "let's just get this over with" blow out. (note: by "blowout" I mean that we will eat cake and watch TV for a few hours. We are not exactly a festive sort of clan) Any family gathering at this point comes with a request from dear old Dad. He's a great Dad who has always loved me as his first born and all, but it is only recently that he has come to see me as a useful gal to have around. You see...I can cook. He didn't know that for a long time. Once he figured it out, I became something of a special guest star at any and all family gatherings. He has two favorites, one of which is The Sheep's most decadent cheesy bread. So, in honor of Mother's Day, I have fulfilled my Father's request:

The one on the right is on the lumpy side, but tasty all the same!
Not to worry! Mom loves this stuff, too. I will wrap it up and bring it to the family dinner and be quite the hero! Dad is contributing his world famous ribs and my brother is supposed to bring something that he will invariably forget and it will be a Sheep family event to remember!
In other news, the cotton sock is no more. I just couldn't stand fighting with the wooden dpns for another minute. I'll wait until I have some metal ones. Today's knitting included a few rows on The Great Shawl Experiment and that was that. The rest of the day was all about the spinning. If you are getting sick and tired of seeing pix of my much-beloved corriedale...well, look away!

Bobbin #2 is almost done! And my love remains constant and true.

I'm still planning on a three ply yarn, but am a-quiver with nerves. I normally do two ply yarns. However, now that I have a tensioned lazy kate, I've been really wanting to try a three or four ply. If anything goes horribly awry with my pretty corrie in this process, I will simply have to fling myself out the window. I only live on the second floor so that probably wouldn't actually be fatal or anything, but I'm sure that it would smart a bit. And it would be a punishment I fully deserved for sullying this fiber. I shall keep my fingers crossed and trust the fiber gods on this one. What could possibly go wrong? (I am not asking for an answer, here...)

Here's hoping that, wherever you may be, that the weather is more accommodating than what we are having here. The flood watches are up. Is it possible to knit an ark?


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