Sunday, April 30, 2006

Needy Sheepy!

Having reviewed my last few posts, it is apparent that they are progressing steadily towards most whiniest with each click of the keyboard. So, to those of you who have left kind, concerned or supportive comments, I really do offer my Sheepiest of Thanks. Believe me...I spend alot of time with me and I know how I can be when I don't feel well.

But ya gotta understand...I'm single, I live alone...all by choice, mind you! And, when you don't feel well, there are certain advantages to not having other humans around with needs, wants and desires. Really! The downside, though, is that there is no one around to ask, "Hey, how ya doing? Can I get you anything...what is your temperature now?" So, it's down to you, folks. Sorry about that. Honest.

And for someone who never has fevers, reaching 99 is something of an event. I can kvetch about that for days! To be stuck at 100 or more for going on 96 hours now...well, that's actually kinda concerning.

As today has been nothing but a repeat of symptoms and events, I will spare you this time, though. I've put out an email to my principal requesting that I have tomorrow off. I'm reeeeally not thinking that I can make it in, especially if this whole fever thang is going to continue. Plus, I'd have to leave early anyway since I have an appointment for an x-ray later in the day and there is a bit of distance between the school and the zapper. I haven't heard back yet and, since it would be a good idea to have administrative permission to take three days off in a row at this point in the school year, I'm getting a bit worried. Hopefully, I'll be able to take the day. If only to protect the general public from what is rapidly becoming a permanent bad-hair day. And the skin pallor...corpse bride, people!!!!

Soooo, does The Sheep have any thing to report in the world of fiber, knitting and all things hobby-related? No, she does not. Codeine has a way of focusing your world down to a pinpoint...and it's not aimed at the wheel or the needles. All you really want to do is stare at your knees and hum.

Which is fine. I mean, how many times in your life can you truly justify being right in the moment?

You wouldn't believe how much money I spent trying to learn that skill when I was going to counselor school!!!


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