Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's All So Fleeting...

It's over. The Sheep's week of rest and relaxation has come to an end. Today is nothing but a weekend. And the end of a weekend at that. (sigh)

So, not counting Saturdays and Sundays as they're days off anyway, here's what was accomplished in the five days with which I had to work:

FOs: None, Zip, Zero, Nada. It is what it is.

Unmitigated Disasters: One. The Sock Of Despair still resides in the knitting basket awaiting reconstructive surgery.

Spinning: Carded and spun quite a bit of Jacob, but my wandering eye was caught by the corriedale and that is what is currently whipping about on the wheel.

Grown-up chores attended to: Oil change and doctor's appointment.

Household chores attended to: Minimal. And that's an exaggeration.

Shopping: Oh yeah, baby!!!! The new spring wardrobe is on the hangers as we speak.

Naps: Five. They were awesome.

Social events: None. Unless you want to count visiting my parents at Easter and lunch with my Mom. I hibernated...or is that "fibernated?" Either way, me 'n the human race kept our interactions to a minimum.

All in all, despite starting off with a killer cold, the only bad thing I can say about the spring vacation is that it had to end. This was a good weekend, despite the looming workweek. I spent a lovely time with the corriedale and am resisting the urge to post minute by minute pictures of it's progress. You can thank me later. I just love how smoothly this stuff spins up and the play of color. It was a great choice.

Rather than obsessively show photos of my new love, here's the progress on the rug hooking project:

This is not what one would call a "fast moving" hobby.
I'm going to finish working the circle then, assuming I'm in a risk taking sort of mood, move the whole kit 'n kaboodle over to the new quilt frame and give that a test drive. If it works, it will be a testimony to my genius. If not, it will be the fault of the frame making industry. Just giving you the "heads up." There will be no blame on my part.
So now it's off to make my meagre lunch for tomorrow. Given the two pound weight gain that my doctor was so kind to point out (loudly and with much expression) and the degree of sloth I have exhibited over the past week it is time to get back into the much-loved routine of healthy eating and regular exercise. That's right...not only do I have to go back to work,
I have to eat salads and sweat. Bleeeeech!

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Teri S. said...

Your vacation is done already?! That was fast. I've got some Corriedale on the wheel, too. It's nice. In the wings, though, I've got some silk/merino. Not going to spin that until my spinning gets more consistent. Good luck getting back into the swing of things at work.