Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Have Lost The Battle, The War...The Whole Thing.

The Sheep overslept this morning. Not by much, mind you. But getting this middle-aged face, hair and physique ready to be viewed by the public-at-large takes scheduling and timing that rivals knife juggling. It's a precarious balance of minutes and I don't really have any "flex" built into the plan.

It wasn't the best way to start off a Wednesday.

Let's not discuss work. I chose my career...

I raced out of the classroom to try and get the truck filled up before gas prices took their next minute-to-minute price hike. If I have everything figured right, I can put off selling my surplus organs for another week or so to finance the next re-fill.

Anybody looking for a slightly used spleen? I realize that it took some hits during the eighties, but it's in better shape than my liver and the price is right!

Arriving home, I was eagerly awaiting some quality time with the new love of my life. Yes, the beautiful Corriedale that I have been spinning. I normally hold off the spinning for the weekends, but I just needed to spend some precious moments with my beloved. It wasn't to be.

Persephone likes the spinning chair. Persephone takes what she wants.
I would show a picture of Desdemona curled up on the book containing the sock pattern, but she gave me the dirtiest look I've ever seen when I aimed the camera and I sort of got scared. Just close your eyes and picture Damion on his tricycle in The Omen and you get the idea. Knitting was not an option.
My best bet at that point seemed to be sitting quietly with folded hands and awaiting permission from the fates and my cats to proceed with my life. I work for them.
I wonder if I have their blessing should I slip out to the kitchen for a few chocolates. I could really use some chocolate.

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trek said...

If it wouldn't hurt my throat so badly, I'd be laughing myelf silly right now. Would you settle for a wry grin instead?