Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake!!!

Clearly, The Sheep is royalty. I sit here upon my second-hand sofa, blogging upon my just-barely-paid-off laptop and taking time out to chat with the nice folks at PayPal who are wondering where my latest payment might be. And throughout all this I be draped in fur. Yes, fur. Relax PETA people. I'm not actually wearing the skins of formerly caged critters.

I seem to be covered in cat. Cats actually. I can't seem to move for the crush of kitty love tonight. Apparently they did not read last night's post regarding my utter exhaustion from the neediness generated by my job. Persephone and Desdemona are normally not the best of siblings. They pretty much hate each other.

Except tonight. Tonight they are unified in their desire to show their undying love for their mother.

And they couldn't have picked a better night. Right on cue they hunkered down at my elbows while I attempted to rescue The Sock Of Despair from it's disfiguring crookedness. Aren't they just the most helpful of creatures? First making me the model for the world's only living fur coat then offering their moral support while I perform reconstructive surgery on my sock. Must be an early Mother's Day Gift.

Despite their "help" I've managed to frog Mr. Sockie back to...well, further than I really wanted to go. A Sheep sometimes has to make the hard decisions. We've taken a trip in the "way back" machine to early April and it's like the whole nightmare that was "The Decrease Incident" never happened.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could do that with all life's little mishaps? Ah well...How bad can life be if your sock is back on track (I hope) and you're wearing politically correct fur?


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Annie said...

I hope the sock progresses well this time around. I too have a cat who like to help with my knitting, usually my holding the working yarn in her mouth!
I love reading your blog, you have a real way with words.