Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vacation Day Two: There Are Issues.

First: the more positive aspects of the day. I headed out early to my favorite "off-price" store where they occasionally have my most favoritest jeans in the world at ridiculous prices. (that would be the J. Crew boy jean...love them!!!) They did and my size was cleverly hidden at the bottom of a pile which boasted mostly itty-bitty-never-gonna-happen sizes. Yay!!!

I made it home fill of vim, vigor and the will to card. I pulled out the Jacob, turned on some rocking cartoons and made batts happen!

Believe it or not, this actually represents a "dent" in the total amount.
An amazing turkey sandwich and an even more amazing nap followed. What could possibly go wrong at this point?

I have a kitty cold. (snuffle)

Yup. Persephone has a cold. Actually it's probably allergies. Yes, I got the cat with allergies. And digestive problems. And toenails that grow in circles. She is the light of my life. Except when she is sneezing on me. She did not attend the seminar on how to properly cover ones' mouth prior to spreading disease and saliva all over the rest of the human race.

Then, there is the Sock Crisis. I was in the last...hear that, last...decrease for the toe. Whoopsie! I made a wee little boo-boo: decreased when I shouldn't have. No problem. I'll just fix that and get on with my life. I honestly don't know what I did at that point. There are scientists and engineers who could spend a lifetime studying this and never really come to any one conclusion. Suffice it to say, it took a while to recapture the loose stitches, recount and carry on. I then did the most beautiful Kitchener Stitch the world has ever seen. It was nothing short of a masterpiece. Except it went the wrong way. Yup. I grafted the stupid thing from the top to the bottom rather than side to side. And it matters. Trust me on this. Two hours later I think I'm back to where I should be and am getting ready to try putting this stupid thing together for a final time. The air around me is blue and I've lost my membership in the Sweet Spinster Teacher Organization of America. The words that left my mouth actually burned my tongue.

So now the decision is upon me: do I try to finish this thing tonight or do I set it aside until my Karma realigns? Right now, I'm leaning towards putting it back in the knitting basket and pulling out the Dove Chocolate bunny. I believe a sacrifice to the knitting gods is in order and Mr. Bunny might just be the poor individual to leap into the volcano.

He doesn't mind. He was raised for this from birth.


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trek said...

Bye bye Mr Bunny! :o)