Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vacation Day Four: The Home Stretch!

Not much to show in the way of FO's, but a productive day nevertheless! The Sheep was bit by the carding bug again this morning, a highly unusual event. But when it hits, I just crank 'n crank! I've made a significant dent in the dark portion of the Jacob and look forward to sorting out the white. OK, "look forward" might be a strong way to describe this, but it's all part of the process.

I still haven't been able to face The Sock Of Despair. I will...honest! I just need to be 100% sure that my mojo is back before attempting the repair. I'm too close to a finished pair of hoof coverings to make the fatal error which will cause a Sheep-style temper tantrum. Those never end well. Best to wait. Seriously.

So, I returned to that old favorite: The Great Shawl Experiment. I'm bound and determined to make this happen. Besides, it's an easy project with simple increases and decreases and knit in a super floofy, poofy yarn that will hide any errors caused by my current planetary misalignment. I've finished with the increases by virtue of the fact that I got bored and am now past the half-way mark and decreasing for the other side of the triangle. It will be stunning. As God is my witness, it will be stunning. And if it's not I will just squint when I look at it. Stunning, I tell you.

I also did a bit more dyeing. Not the fibery sort of dyeing, but the garment sort. I've noted in previous posts that I have something of an issue with my tummy area. I've worked hard to achieve flat stomach-hood. Very hard. However there is no getting around the fact that I am not 20 and the flat tummy that the general public sees while I am swathed in layers of clothing is something of an illusion. Weight loss is a double-edged sword. I have a "skin situation." There is more of it than I'd like to have. And now we all have to contend with the low-rise jean phenomenon. This is problematic.

Soooo....I wear alot of tanks under sweaters 'n such. However, I find that those one finds in the women's department are a bit short and, frankly, overpriced. A package of men's A-line t-shirts is pretty cheap and Rit Dye can be found at the grocery store. The men's tanks are longer and can be tucked waaaaaay down for secure tummy coverage. Yipee! Today's tanks were done in a funky purple. I'd how a picture, but they are drying in my messy bathroom and no one wants to see that. Trust me. Just take my word for it: they are cute. And cheap. I like cheap.

Tomorrow is a busy day: oil change for the chariot, a visit to Dr. Judy for my every other month check in and med. refill (complete with anxiety-provoking weigh-in) then off to lunch with my Mom. Assuming that the weighing does not reflect the horrible eating habits exhibited during this vacation, lunch will be a hearty affair followed by a spring shopping extravaganza. I'm feeling the need for capri pants. Jonesing for them in a bad way. Must feed the fashion monkey!!!

Tomorrow will be the Vacation Wrap-up. Nothing left after that but a plain old weekend and the prospect of a return to the whole work thang. (Sigh) But we are in the last leg of the academic year and the finish line is in sight.

And I'll have spiffy new tank tops and coordinating capris to see me through!


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