Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm Changing My Name.

You forget. A week away from the salt mines known as the public education system and you forget. "Twas a week of rest, relaxation and more importantly, quiet. Sweet, sweet silence.

The Sheep is often mocked and rebuked for her hermit-like tendencies. Given the chance to hide out and be all self-centered....well, I'll just choose that any old time over the more public venues. Am I anti-social? Do I have some issues with the rest of the human race? Do I somehow think myself better than the masses? Not really. I'm just a teacher.

And a special ed. teacher, at that. In my classroom the students are self-contained. Loosely translated this means that they start arriving at 8:20. I am with them. Recess? I am with them. Lunch? I am with them. Pick a time, place or activity. I will be with them. And them with me. They are tiny, adorable, full of energy and, without a doubt, the neediest creatures on the face of the planet.

"Ms. Sheep, I'm hungry!"
"Ms. Sheep, can you help me find where I left my shoes?"
"Ms. Sheep, make him stop breathing so loud...make him stop!!!!!!!!"
"Ms. Sheep, why can't we just have recess all day?"
"Ms. Sheep, I usta hafta pee, but now I don't no more!!!"


I am changing my name. I am changing it to something that cannot be pronounced by the human tongue. I forgot how many times my name could be cried out in utter angst between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30. Even if there were other staff members was still all Sheep all the time need-o-rama.

Well, it's nice to know that, should I be struck by lightening or kidnapped by aliens, I will be missed. At least until they find the next hapless soul to foolishly take a minute to answer one of their questions. Then, I guess it will be all about the new guy. Truth be told...I'd actually be a bit jealous if someone else had my "fixer of all things bad" title. They are kinda cute little kiddies, after all.

I have completed the workout routine and sucked down a sensible dinner to atone for my vacation reveling. That's about all I have the energy for at this juncture. Unless a second wind clocking in around hurricane strength hits I don't envision myself getting much done in the way of knitting or the like. I've been eyeing the wheel off and on and may whirl the corriedale around a bit. Or not...

Being the Caretaker to All has left me a bit tuckered out.


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