Friday, April 21, 2006

Vacation Day Five: Busy, Busy!!

Because I know that the hordes of people who read this blog are just a-tingle at the prospect of a blow-by-blow description of my day, here is the run down. And yes, 7 people now officially constitutes a "horde." I've written it down so it must be true. Deal.

I had put off an oil change for the entire week and decided that today must be the day. I arrived at the garage and made my request only to be asked, "Do you have an appointment?" This is disconcerting as I have spent years trying to get them to take an appointment for an oil change and have been told with regularity that they never, ever do this. However, my new favorite person "that eight o'clock guy" failed to show up for his appointment and I was in!!! I settled in with some knitting and glued half an eye to the mini TV put out to distract the stranded from whatever may be happening with their vehicle. The proof that the garage-car-fixie place is still a man's world was confirmed when, just as that lady from "What Not To Wear" was telling me why I should be wearing white this season, some dude got up and changed the channel on me. Now I have no idea what I should be wearing. I am not one who should be wandering around in public without some fashion guidance, but it's on his head now.

Oil changed, bill paid, I hit the grocery store where I found the best half-price basket in the whole wide world. Yes, at the grocery store. Don't ask me why they had baskets. Maybe they were trying out the Pier 1 vibe or something. At any rate, this little item was advertised as a tissue holder. But, being gifted with the ability to think outside the basket, I saw it as a faboo yarn holder. Score!!! On to Dr. Judy's office!

Here's how that went:

Dr. Judy: So how are you feeling?

Sheepish Annie: I have a bit of a cold and I can't seem to shake the cough.

DJ: What are you taking?

SA: Over the counter cold med....

DJ: (looking at chart) Oh my, you've gained two pounds back!

SA: Well, yeah...but I'm wearing heavy shoes today. See?

DJ: Um...well...have you been eating more since you've been on vacation this week?

SA: Yes,'s only two pounds...I'm still a good person right? What's two pounds? And did I mention the heavy shoes (lip starting to quiver) Who are you to judge me????

DJ: Well, I only mentioned it because we had some concerns about how much you were losing in the last visit...your Body Mass Index is still good.

SA: Good??? Last time it was "ideal." How does two pounds take me down to "good?"

DJ: Let's get back to that cough, why don't we?

I left Doctor Judy's in something of a funk and hit the mall for the planned "capri shopping." The store employees did their usual fine job of alerting the customers that I was on my way and everyone made sure to hide the items I was seeking, stand directly in my path, place their strollers perilously close to my feet and take up all the dressing rooms right on cue. My spirits could not be squashed, however, as (despite Dr. Judy's scale of doom) I can still fit into a size 4. (Picture The Sheep sticking out her tongue in the general direction of the doctor's office)

Next up: lunch with Mom! To celebrate my two pound weight gain, I had a gi-normous chicken sandwich complete with fries. Take that, waistline! Mom and I had a great visit, plus she paid for lunch. Does it get any better?

Upon arrival at Chez Sheepie, a surprise awaited:

My order from The Woolery!! Yoo-hoo!!!
I set up my new knitting/tissue basket and gave her a test run. I ended up having to sand the edges of the top a bit to smooth it out. But, being the single, modern gal that I be, I happen to have basic wood-working tools on hand. Works like a charm now.

The side for the tissues has a handy-dandy lid with an opening and the other side has two compartments for knitting needles and the like!

All that completed, I was just tuckered out. A nap ensued and all was right with the world. I had planned to do a vacation "wrap-up" post this evening, but realized that I had one more thing on my to-do list. Actually, per my prediction, I did lose the list sometime around midweek. But I distinctly recall having an appointment with Amy The Scary Stylist written in there somewhere. That's tomorrow bright and early so I'll wait until I have completed that task so I can chalk it up in the "Yay me for being so productive" category.

Until then, I shall be knitting away on The Great Shawl Experiment secure in the knowledge that my yarn is safe and and cozy in it's new Knitting Condo.


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Diana said...

I am totally exhausted from your day! I think it's time for a nap!