Friday, April 28, 2006

I Feel Fiiiiiiine.....

My Monkey Pox is progressing nicely. The fever still had not broken as of this morning, so The Sheep opted to stay home and try to get an appointment with Dr. Judy. The worst of it is that I've developed this really horrible pain in my side that may or may not be broken ribs. This has taken the fun out of coughing and what's the point of having Monkey Pox if you can't cough?

Dr. Judy is somewhat skeptical of the rib theory, but I've actually had this happen before. We're going to do some x-rays on Monday (assuming the classroom is back under control after my absence) to be sure. In the meantime, the good doctor prescribed some sweet, sweet Tylenol 3. That would be the one with codeine, for those uninitiated in the world of prescription painkillers. Things are really quite peaceful here at the casa de sheep right now. No, I don't actually feel any's just that I seem to care less.

I'm thinking that the knitting will be put on the back burner for the weekend. When I'm not sporting a fever of 103, I'm riding the codeine train to Woozy Town. Not conducive to good project progress, I fear. We'll see...

Still, it's a fun ride on this train. May even be worth a couple of lost days in the knitting arena.


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knitannie said...

HOpe you are feeling better soon Sheepish.