Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, Now...This Is Just Silly!

So, I'm driving to work bright and early this morning and admiring the lovely snow coating the trees and mailboxes. The old arms were a bit sore from wrenching open the door to my vehicle so that I might make this trek, but my thoughts were happy.

"Now where did I put those lights for the tree?"

"Should I buy a pretty new pen with which to inscribe my holiday cards?"

"Am I going to go through the hassle of putting up a wreath this year?"

No...wait. This is wrong! It's April, for crying out loud!!!! This is ridiculous! I'm crying, "Foul!" I should be performing my yearly leg-shaving in preparation for shorts and trying apply Tan In A Can in an even and natural looking manner in order to prevent the public-at-large from being blinded by my WASPy whiteness!!! Why am I shivering in the depths of my winter coat and mindlessly humming Christmas carols? It's just silly, I tells ya!

And to top it all off: last night I was visited by that dark angel: Second Sock Syndrome. I got five rows into the cuff and realized that something was "off." I couldn't see where the error lay and lost all patience with the search so I ripped it out and decided to start over during the weekend when I have the time to put into cursing and stamping my feet. It really seems like the more logical thing to do. And a Sheep has to be logical about these things.

'Cuz four days ago the sun was shining and the windows were open to the spring breezes and today I'm trying to find my scraper to take a layer of ice and snow off the truck.

Logic. It's all about logic.


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mrichme said...

Just keep telling yourself one more week until hibernation and 40-something days until extended hibernation.