Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rough Start, Decent Finish.

Sunday evening posts are always fun. The Sheep has had 48 hours (well 47 thanks to the whole "spring ahead" thing) in which to complete oodles and scads of fibery thingies. Today, however, started of with a bit of a feline-related drama.

Desdemona, for reasons known only to her, gets most excited when Mommy fills the bathtub. She sees it as the world's largest water bowl and leaps up to drink, splash and gaze in awe at what her mother has wrought. This was all well and good when she was a spry, young kitten but she is currently the human equivalent of 347 years and really doesn't have the moves required for balancing on tub's edge. Long story short, she fell in. Fortunately, I was not immersed at the time or there might have been some scarring. Poor Desdemona just stood there, legs akimbo, looking at me in abject horror whilst the wild waters rose to tummy level. I got her out without making contact with her now-extended claws, but she was unwilling to submit to a towel dry. My eldest child much prefers to shake water all over the place.

It was fortunate that today was sunny and mild and Mommy could open up the windows for the final drying. The soggy critter parked herself in a sunny spot and is now back to her normal, fluffy self.

Don't care what anyone says. It never happened. I'm still cool.
Once that little fiasco was out of the way, The Sheep was able to refocus on a few projects. My sock is coming along nicely. I hear I'm supposed to be more concerned about "color pooling," but it really doesn't bother me all that much. These were originally destined to be tucked away as a holiday gift, but I noted a gap near where the heel is joined and I'm thinking that these will probably end up on my little tootsies. I don't care what's under my shoes, but would rather not give away something that I don't feel 100% satisfied with.

I do so love working on a project that I swore I wouldn't start until others were finished! It's like dessert before dinner...

I also finished up a bobbin of the Jacob. I'd show a picture, but I'm a bit embarrassed by how much VM I've left behind. My patience with picking out the pieces that didn't end up in the carpet has simply run out. I'll figure out what to do about that later. Right now, I'd rather concentrate on perfecting my semi-woolen spinning. Welllllll, maybe "perfecting" is a strong word here. I'm hoping that once I ply this up, the inconsistencies will be less glaring. Just to be on the safe side, though, I am preparing my speech on how I meant for the yarn to look this way and how challenging said spinning was despite my incredible skill.

I can sell that...I think.


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Congrats sister! You won!