Sunday, October 15, 2006


That's code for: The Sheep is working on a number of quite simple projects and they are taking her an inexplicably long time. Admittedly, I had some bumps along the road. There was that little heel flap "incident" that required I start the whole sock over. it was more about my ripping the whole thing apart than about the problem with the heel flap, but it was a do-over no matter how you look at it. And I had the whole shopping and getting my hair cut thing to take care of yesterday which took up some of the knitting time. But, I really have scads of time to knit over here at Action Central. (you'll have to imagine the sarcastic tone used when I say, "action central." I don't really get out all that much...") Frankly, I'm at a loss as to how to explain how little I've gotten done over the last month. But, for lack of a finished object to share, here's where we stand as of this afternoon:

On the left we have one Sock Of Immense Proportions and it's intended mate who is currently in the early stages of flapping. This seems to be a tricky time in the sock development progression and we are all watching the situation closely for complications. On the right, we can see The Scarf That Will Probably Amount To Nothing. This is the Feather And Fan scarf that I started using some very "skrititchy" sock yarn that I just couldn't bear to think of upon my tender little toes. It was really just for practice, but I sort of like it and now I can't seem to stop. I don't actually have enough of the yarn to complete a scarf, but this doesn't seem to be deterring me in the least. I just keep going... I'll pretend that it is some sort of rectangular doily and drape it over the back of a chair or something. It'll give the cats something to ponder.
Now, the great School Picture Purge of aught six...that's going swimmingly! To date, I have unloaded 8 of the unwanted wallet sized pictures upon hapless friends and acquaintances. They are zipping across this great land of ours just like they were something people actually wanted. I successfully located return addresses from some of those unlucky souls who had the misfortune to sponsor blog contests and was able to get two more in the mail early this past week. Please don't mistake this for any level of organization. Basically what happens is this: The Sheep gets a package; The Sheep does a happy dance; The Sheep opens the package and flings the outer box or wrapping aside so that she can play with her new thingie; The Sheep stumbles across the package or box while searching for matching socks or a pen. Boom! She's got herself another address! (note: I received another blog prize last week...and I can see that envelope from where I'm sitting right now. Tremble, oh helpless victim. My gi-normous head may be heading your way at any moment)
Really, the whole thing has gone quite well. We've had one minor blackmail incident that may involve some negotiations around where my big, fluffy kitty will be living. But,to date, there have been no repercussions despite the whole stalker-like weirdness that comes with sending your somewhat scary school picture to people who have done nothing save hold a little contest. And, with regard to the blackmail attempt, if it does come down to kitty negotiations in order that I might keep my dour visage off some "lonely sheep" website Persephone could do worse than living with The Goat Girl of CA.
I will rid myself of these things if its the last thing I do, I tells ya!!!!
Things are really pretty quiet here in Sheepland. The truck seems to be running, my sore "back" has returned to it's former state of spryness and the kitties are all sleeping soundly and eagerly awaiting mommy's return to the workweek so that they might go about their usual schedules unencumbered by my neediness.
Stay tuned for more fascinating updates!!


trek said...

I got Sheeped and the Sheep is much cuter than she would have the blogosphere believe...

Julie said...

Oh no, I'm afraid to pick up my mail this week!

Teri S. said...

I like the Sock of Immense Proportions. It reminds me of malachite, which is one of my favorite green gemstones. I do have a question for you, though. Whatever happened to the Quilt of Anxiety?

Beth said...

Wow! You've handed out 8 pictures? You're on a roll! Soon you won't have any left. Do they take school pictures in the spring, too? :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it's all good, except maybe the cat thing.
I love the socks!

Cathy said...

And here I was feeling guilty for not holding a blog contest ... I just learned a valuable lesson and do not fear my mailbox ;-)

I like looking at your socks and wondering just how it fits your foot.

Cats require mystery in their lives. The FnF ought to serve them right. That will give you the upper hand for a bit. See if Goat Girl can top that. Have a contest to see which of you baffled the cats more.

Obviously, I am killing time here and need to get back to work.

April said...

Fear me, for I am Goat Girl!!!

Where's mah costume?

Geraldine said...

I wanna Sheep pic, please, please...

There is a card and sock pattern on the way to you as we speak, from me, via Beth at FLK....Don't ask for details, its just the way it is LOL....

Anyways, I really would love to have a photo of you, one of my all time fav. bloggers.

Huggs, G

catsmum said...

I keep meaning to tell you sheepie that you are the first Blog I check every day [ after checking my own for comments cos I'm that pathetic ]
and I'm glad the touchas is feeling better.