Saturday, October 14, 2006

Grin Like A Maniac And Force The "Happy"

All right. Enough with the grumpies. Sure, you're a middle aged Sheep with a tweaked tushy, but that doesn't mean that you have to fuss about it. We're gonna go to our "happy place." We're gonna find the joy.

Sure, I could post about how, after a reasonably positive week with the kiddies at school, yesterday turned into a rousing game of "Not It" between me and my staff as we vied to not be the unlucky individual forced to deal with the preteen Sturm and Drang. But that wouldn't be in the spirit of Happy, now would it?

I could rant about my grocery shopping experience last night that included a "creatively" bagged cantaloupe being precariously placed on top of other items. This free spirited fruit then opted to go AWOL leading to a somewhat awkward search and seizure mission throughout the back of an SUV under cover of darkness. The wayward melon was captured and rebagged more securely where it promptly scrunched a bag of potato chips in retaliation. I probably didn't need them anyway. But, we're not here to talk about shopping snafus, are we?

Let's look at happier things.

I awoke today to temps in the thirties. That's Fahrenheit and nippy for those who are all Celsius and stuff. This prompted me to cast on for another attempt at completing the second Sock Of Immense Proportions as I'm thinking that this cold thing might be something of a trend given the season. It was also chilly enough to warrant a turtleneck and there is nothing better for covering the middle aged neck wattle, dontcha know.

I also scored at my favorite off-price-honest-it-just-fell-off-the-truck store where I found my favorite J Crew and Eddie Bauer jeans for under twenty bucks. I have a few issues with "fit" and will comb the earth if necessary to find a mid-rise, boy cut, straight jean. Fortunately, I don't have to as the off-price store is mere minutes from my home. I may be a year out of season, but my jeans fit, by gum!!!

Next up, I hit my favorite used book store where I found exactly what I was looking for (although it wasn't a used copy) and then I got to visit with my favorite scary stylist and have her decide how I was going to be wearing my hair for the next four weeks. Really, it is quite nice to have someone else make those types of decisions. I used to have a spine. I saw it in an x-ray once. But it disappears in the presence of my hair dresser and I really don't feel all that badly about it. One less thing to think about...and I don't have great judgment with regard to my hair anyway.

All this morning activity pretty much took it out of me and I had just enough energy to cook up my frozen pizza, snarf it down with a few crushed chips and settle in for some reading and a long nap with a warm, snuggly kitty. This is a good day...

And speaking of kitties (another happy thing), this is for April who has none too gently indicated that I should pack up my big, fluffy kitty and ship her out to sunny California:

The Big, Fluffy Kitty is mine.


But you may feel free to gaze upon her snuggly goodness to your heart's content.

She is very sorry that she cannot come to visit with you. But she is booked up for the foreseeable future attending to my napping needs.

Must go feed the big, fluffy kitty and her smaller, less fluffy counterpart now.

(happy to the point of needing medication) SA


Debby said...

Thirties??!! Good thing you have that sweet fluffy kitty to keep your feet warm! (At least until you finish the second sock of immense proportions!)

trek said...

Today it was in the low forties when I first exited chez trek. This afternoon, I had on a turtleneck and walked out to the yarn to get something while crunching a crispy Granny Smith. Fall doesn't get much better than that.

--Deb said...

It was about 40 degrees when I finally got up this morning around 9:00. (Hey, I was up until 1:30 finishing a book--what can you do?) I love autumn!!

Beth said...

"I used to have a spine. I saw it in an x-ray once." That's just too funny! E just wandered into the room to ask what was so funny. She thought it was funny, too.

Stay warm! It's cold here, too, but not quite in the 30's. We broke down and turned the heat on today. The cold weather is making me knit faster on my hoodie. Brrr...

I liked the pictures you posted. Were the pictures taken after your haircut? Your hair looks good!

April said...

Pfft, you might THINK you have the kitty, HOWEVER I am now in possession of your picture, little Miss 12 year old Meg Ryan.

I'm pretty sure we can make a deal. :)

Lorraine said...

Nothing like warm kitty on a cold night. I had two snuggled with me last night. Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Brrr! I heard rumors of a mild winter...
Is that the new hairdo? It looks lovely!

Sheila said...

Trek, did you really walk out to the "yarn", or did you mean "yard"? I'm jealous if you meant yarn, as I'm picturing a stash so immense that it has its own outdoor storage shed.
I'm still waiting for cooler temps. 30 degrees is as cold as it will get all Winter here... I can't believe you're already there! Stay warm, Sheep.

Geraldine said...

What a lovely kitty and Sheep pic!!! You are the proud Meowmie, that's for sure and good thing that furry beings are so willing to snuggle on a cold day.

The Mitz is rather on the short-haired side but still very good for snuggling/napping, when SHE is so inclined.

Have a great week, G

Annie said...

Lovely kitty piccies (and nice ones of the sheep too). Could Persephone perhaps come across the pond and give Mollie lessons in snuggling and napping, I'm beginning to wonder if she is really a cat or if it's juat a cunning disguise.