Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Sheep Is Not An Athlete.

Sunday afternoon posts are generally all about the "finished." I am usually able to devote quite a bit of the day to fibery pursuits and will have something or other to share with the blogging world at that point. Yeah, yeah...lately its been nothing but dishcloths and half-finished towels, but I stand by my intentions. If nothing else, there is usually some visual progress.

Today began with all the hopes and dreams of a Sheep with a plan. It has been a beautiful, crisp Fall day and that is usually a good day for high energy and motivation. The Sheep awoke with a song in her heart and warm greetings for the kitty curled up on the pillow next to her head. It didn't even bother her that the greetings were bestowed upon a puckery little kitty butt that was mere centimeters from her face. This was gonna be a hum-dinger of a day, gosh darn it!!

Then I rolled over.

It was then that I found myself fully confronted by the facts of my age and physical condition. It seems that yesterday's bowling extravaganza with the nieces-by-proxy was a bit more of a workout than I'd realized.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a complete slug, here. I diligently pedal to nowhere for 45 minutes thrice weekly. I then follow that with a rousing round of picking up heavy things and putting them down slowly. I balance my less-than-graceful form on a vinyl ball and pray to the gods of middle age that the process will result in abs of steel rather than a concussion from hitting the floor as I flap my arms and flail my legs in a futile attempt to remain on this inflated torture device. I have even been known to occasionally put in half an hour or so on my Lateral Thigh Trainer.

To heck with all that. Just bowl. Good Lord, I'm sore today!!! The main pain centers seem to be conveniently located in my thighs and tuchas. I'm mobile and there is no real damage. Unless, of course, you want to count my ego. That is smarting somewhat. I am an out of shape Sheep. My fat cat is laughing at me.

While this really doesn't count as much of an excuse for not having done a heck of a lot today, its what I'm going with. In fairness, it did take me longer to make trips to the fridge for chilled chocolates so that took up part of the day. And there's a Law And Order, Special Victim's Unit Marathon on which was mildly diverting. Plus I spent an hour on the phone with my Mom. (she got a new coffee maker and is experimenting with a new type of mustard. I had to talk her through some of it...) Then there was my was a busy day.

Having discovered the usefulness of photographic diversionary tactics, I will use the following picture to show my current progress on the never-ending Chevron Stripes Towel:

The big fluffy kitty has worked as a diversion in the past...
I'm not a bad mother, really. I placed the towel over the big, fluffy kitty, tried to take the picture, noted that the batteries were low, located some more, loaded them in the camera and took two pictures. She never moved. She is truly her mother's child.
I also have a few more rounds completed on The Sock Of Immense Proportions Part Deux, but you can just comb the archives for a picture of the first if you are really all that committed to the idea of seeing a sock in progress. If you are that starved for sock viewing, I might suggest you have bigger problems, but I honestly don't think that I'm one to talk at this point. I've spent my day muttering to no one in particular about cramping in my butt.
Fortunately, this is a long weekend, thanks to Columbus Day in the states. I just love a "do-over."
Only 11 more pattern repeats until this towel if finished. Assuming I don't have some sort of "sleeping related" injury in the next 24 hours...I am that out of shape.


Sheila said...

The Chevron Stripes Towel is looking good.
It helps to vary the workouts when that happens, like you could do a brisk walking day instead one of your cycling days, but I'm sure you know all that.
I'm off to rebound. The giant trampoline is still off limits to me, but I need to jump right now, so the rebounder it is. You might try one, they're fun and don't require much space. Mine is the cheapo version from a large department store chain, not THE Rebounder, but I have the real workout DVD.
Glad to hear you have a long weekend!

mrichme said...

Welcome to the world of CamMad! I don't know if you realized how we hid the permanent state of exhaustion that goes with CamMad that having another adult made our lives easier for 2.5 hours yesterday. Thank You Sheepish! Sorry to hear that you're that sore today! We take it easier on you next time!

trek said...

You and April this weekend. What a pair ;o)

I like the towel - the cat, however, does not look amused. Too bad she didn't have enough energy to walk away from it.

Lazuli said...

The towel looks great! What a wonder that your cat is so genuinely kind to the knitting. I'd be terrified to leave something like that on top of a cat for long. :-)

Thanks for your compliments on the shawl!

Julie said...

Big Fluffy Kitty looks quite comfy on her pillow on the couch and the Chevron Stripes towel makes a nice looking blankie for said kittie :)

Hmmm, mustard flavored coffee?

Beth said...

Your towel looks very nice. But, I have to say that your cat is scaring me a little bit. Those eyes! :)

Lorraine said...

I can remember the bowling butt blues from my league days. The first few weeks of the new season were killer. Want my sure fire cure? Find a hockey rink and have a seat on the ice for 15 minutes. ;-D Just not during a game.

G said...

Now that's a Photo Kitty!!! If the Mitz (or any of my previous dear felines) even SENSED the removal of the camera from its pouch, it was, LET's Run Like the Wind time!!! VERY cute photo indeedy....

Hope the soreness leaves soon. Try a soak in an Epsom Salts bath, works like a charm and its suppose to be good for you too.

Huggs, G

April said...

That's a beautiful kitty blankie you've got there, Sheepie. You should make her a little pillow to go with it.

Kate said...

Sounds like a plenty busy day to me!