Sunday, October 01, 2006

Status Quo Sunday

I think that it is entirely possible that I'm in a rut. Strike that. I know that I am in a rut. But it's my rut and I've worked hard to make it homey. It's a rut I can live in. What can I say?

Thus, I report to all and sundry, the same thing that I posted last week. I knit endlessly on the Chevron Stripes Towel. It seems to be getting bigger and I take that as a good sign. I'll have it finished for Christmas with no problems.

Now, the sock...that's another story. Fortunately, I only knit socks for myself. I have decided that "heel flap issues" are no longer going to be categorized as my ever-repeating error. No, they are now my signature style. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. This pair is going to sport something of a gap at the heel that mysteriously appeared while I was busy knitting the flap. It wasn't there when I started. It materialized when I began picking up the stitches. I'm not asking questions. "Signature Style." We're calling it the "Ventilated Sock." I'm hoping it will catch on...

However, when photographing the weekend's progress, I have found that it is helpful to put a few distractions in the shot. This way, until the ventilation thing becomes the norm, I can avoid having to explain the whole "signature style" thing repeatedly.

See the big, fluffy kitty?

"I like to help out when I can..."

I'm off to settle comfortably back into my rut! I don't know what I'll do when this towel is finished. I may have to start another just to stay in the old "comfort zone!"

Have a great week, everyone!



Giancarlo said...

Beth said...

It worked. I don't see any ventilation holes at all. :) your sock looks good!

Today I ripped out my daughter's sock. One less project to finish! :) Actually, it was a bit tight and we decided I should knit a different sock. What a relief!

trek said...

Sock and towel look great on my monitor, too.

Julie said...

Such a pretty kittie, and helpful too. Sock looks great to me.

I like the whole ventilation idea - no more sweaty feet :)

Sheila said...

You might have better luck marketing your vented sock style further south than Maine, where ventilation comes in handy 9 months out of the year.
Your towel and sock look fantastic! The kitty is my favorite, though.
I threw out my back jumping on our giant trampoline this evening, so I've updated my blog at last, seeing how I can't move from the couch where my husband set me down after carrying me in from the trampoline. Boy that was a long sentence...the pain meds must be kicking in. The word "sentence" looks funny, did I spell it right? I'd better go before I start writing an ode to your helpful kitty.

Anonymous said...

The sock and towel look wonderful.
I like my rut so I call it a lifestyle. The most recent shake-up has been trying but the rut is returning:)

Anonymous said...

First time commenter here -- thanks for the chuckle this morning. The kitty is very very cute! (The sock and the towel ain't bad either.)
I haven't started a blog as yet - so I'm still anonymous --
Wendy in N.Va

Geraldine said...

Yes, this is definitely my kind of distraction LOL....Your kitty is so lovely and the knitting looks pretty darn good too. The marvels of photography eh???

Huggs, G

Anonymous said...

Kitty is too cool

April said...

I want that kitty. Hand he / she over and no one gets hurt. Failing that I'll trade you a goat.

Lorraine said...

Rut? What rut? I agree with the term "lifestyle". Or maybe you're in the groove.