Sunday, October 29, 2006

Electricity...Work It While You Got It.

But don't try to upload pictures. Blogger is having indigestion. Once it has itself a nice big burp, I'm sure it'll be just fine. Meanwhile, you can all exercise your imaginations. It'll be fun! Just think of all the new neural pathways you'll be building while you work the big grey melon!

Today was, in fact, a fairly productive day in The Sheep household. Yesterday's storm and resulting power outage left me wandering from pillar to post and not quite knowing what to do with my Sheepie self. I had a bit of make-up time coming to me.

First up: a little obsession indulgence. I blame Lazuli, really. She posted not too long ago about the art of granola making. I have a genuine affection for granola as it kept me alive for a while last spring when I was ill and not really eating all that much. I just didn't make my own what with all the time spent in x-ray and sleeping. But, I do like homemade granola and thought this might be a nice weekend to crank out a batch. Gotta say, this was not my best work. But it is tasty and will be delightful sprinkled over the yogurt. And it has NO RAISINS! I have an on again/off again thing with the raisins. Mostly off. I went with the dried cranberries. So much more colorful! I also used some nummy roasted soybeans... I did miss something, though. When I figure out what I did differently this time and correct it, I'll pop up the recipe.

Next up: correcting Eddie Bauer's errors. I recently purchased a perfectly-fitting pair of jeans from my favorite off-price store. Twenty bucks (US) thank-you-very-much. I'm thinking that the store's low lighting policy might have more behind it than just a tight energy budget. The jeans were dyed in what I can only describe as the "intentionally distressed" fashion. I don't object to that. However these were lightened along the front and left darker along the sides and inner leg. Again...that could work. However, this particular dye-job left me looking for all the world as if I'd had, "accident." This was not readily apparent until I viewed the jeans in natural light. While this may have been a good look for The Sheep when she was two, it is not the fashion statement she wants to be making now. I've reached the stage of life where sneezing and peeing are sorta the same thing, I realize. But that doesn't mean I have to surrender to it completely.

Fortunately, there is a lovely product with which I have an excellent working relationship and who has bailed me out of many a clothing crisis: Rit Dye. Readily available at any grocery store, it can take a garment of boring hue and make it purty again. And it can overdye that which is questionably colored. The only color they had at the store was navy blue, but it worked and I now have a consistently dyed pair of jeans. Phew! I mean, really! Isn't there anyone in quality control at the jeans plant who has the courage to say, "you know, Bob...this might not be quite what we were aiming for,"?

Lastly: Oh, Great Googly Moogly, the holidays are coming!!! Despite an overwhelming urge to knit a sock for my Sheepie self, I put others ahead of me and worked on the Feather And Fan scarf. I am a "giver." Self-sacrificing to a fault. I might even get this thing finished in time to give it to someone and bathe in the glow of their gratitude. Maybe...

Well, I've done my best to create some mental pictures for you all in lieu of pixels. If Blogger successfully passes it's stone or does whatever it needs to do in order to upload photos, I will share. Meanwhile, I bid you all a pleasant week and First Day Of Standard Type Time for those who did the whole "fall back" thing today. Know what this means, don't you?

A Sheep can put on her pajamas an hour earlier and settle in with some granola!



Sheila said...

Too funny about the distressed jeans!
I bought a similar pair of jeans from Gap a couple of years ago, and just stuck them into the back of my closet when I noticed the "pee pattern", never realizing I could have over-dyed them.
I know the novelty will wear off, but I find myself peddling every time I sit to's addicting!

Beth said...

E and I shopped for jeans yesterday - what a pain! They were ripped, worn, had strange dye jobs, etc.

The time change feels strange!

Julie said...

My jammies go on the minute I get home whether the sun is still up or not.

My mental image of the jeans has me just about peeing my pants (jammie pants, that is).

April said...

If you should ever decide you want to go back to the "oops, I had an accident" look, I have a goat you can borrow.

trek said...

It feels about like 2 am right now here at chez trek but my little computer clockie says it is only 9:37.

You know time is messed up when Neatnik is tired and says she is going to bed at 6:30?!

Lazuli said...

Aww, you mentioned my granola post! I feel so honored! (We also still have yet to make the weekly batch.) Alton Brown, whose recipe it is, also sets aside the raisins, which he says are "*always* optional." Hee. Personally, I like the nuts. The raisins are nice for texture contrast but not the star of the show, as far as I'm concerned.

Geraldine said...

Sounds like your jeans are more than distressed, call them just plain sad!!! And the 'I had an accident' look is definitely not one to aim for, if someone is over 2....Funny about those store lights, then again, maybe not eh???

Huggs, and Happy Granola Munching, G

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you were able to "fix" your jeans before you wore them. Imagine if the kids at school saw them. You'd never be cool again!
I have been obsessed with raisins and walnuts lately. Funny you should mention granola. Now I'll be obsessing over that.

Debby said...

Maybe there is a link between standard time and failing photo technology...the camera is acting up, and I too am photoless! Your mental image descriptions are much better than mine.

Think I'll take a nap now...can't adjust to the darkness so early, and it's only 3pm. :)

Lorraine said...

ROFLOL - I've missed checking in on blogs for awhile. You cracked me up. Great save on the jeans!

The Purloined Letter said...

Granola and feather and fan is my favorite combo! I'm sure at some point I'm going to come up with a granola stitch pattern.