Monday, February 20, 2006

What I Was Supposed To Do vs. What I Did:

'Tis the first day of school vacation for The Sheep and she started it off with the very satisfying experience of "sleeping in." Of course, for me this means getting up at 7:30 instead of the usual 5:15, but that's pretty good in my book. Sunday night I always get seduced by the siren song that is Grey's Anatomy and am forever kicking myself for the hour of lost snooze time come Monday morning. It was nice to get that extra pillow time!!!

The actual plan for the day, however, did not include a real day 'o rest. I was supposed to go into the office for job #2 and get some paperwork done, meet with the boss and be generally helpful in ways that I am unable during the regular school year. Then I remembered the promise to the limping truck and decided that a trip into Portland might be pushing her already strained patience with me. I called in and left a message postponing my visit to later in the week and set my sights on a quiet day at home filled with sock knitting and the like. First, though, a supply run needed to be made. A day without Mountain Dew in the house is not a day worth living...

I returned home with the sweet stuff and broke out the drum carder for another date with Jacob. Didn't get far with that, though. The phone cheeped, the Sheep answered and the next two hours were spent chatting with the boss about various office issues and families with whom we work. This tuckered me out enough that all I had the energy to do was grab a quick lunch and hit the hay/couch for a little nappy-poo.

The lumps under the afghan are my knees. The fluffy thing is my personal knee warmer during nap time.
Still and all, I did manage to get a bit of carding in. As I mentioned, the Jacob is destined for a woolen spun yarn...well, maybe semi-woolen. I always seem to lean towards squooshing the air out if I'm not watching myself. At any rate, a basket of rolags awaits:

And, yes, they are huge. I rolls 'em big!!!! It still seems to work.

And has anyone noticed the lack of posting devoted to the much-neglected Reflecting Hearts rug? Welllll...I have to admit that there was a reason for that. (picture The Sheep hanging her head a bit here and looking, dare I say, "Sheepish") You see, I sort of let her get away from me a bit size-wise. I know, I know; measure twice, cut once. Plan ahead. Look before you leap. Well, The Sheep is not known for her foresight, OK? I was pleased enough with the design that I started to get carried away and, the next thing I knew, the actual rug was too big for the frame. Thus, the loops kept catching of the gripper strips and pulling out from the back. I tried several "fixes," all to no avail but was able to replace the loops that were so rudely snatched from their new homes. I finally pulled the whole thing off and put it back in the quilting hoop that I was using as my first rug frame. This is also not quite large enough but will do less damage and will result in far less language of a "salty" nature. I'm also pulling back on the Sheep-Gone-Wild design technique and keeping it simple from here on out!

Welllll, maybe just a tiny bit more embellishment...

And the sock? We are decreasing for the toe and hope to have it off the needles tonight! Then we'll see if The Sheep's patience is up enough for a run at the SOS sweater. I hate to say it, but it's not looking good here. I have yet another project in mind and can't seem to refocus! Well, it is vacation after all. It's really about what I want to do, isn't it?????


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