Thursday, February 23, 2006

Visit To Dr. Judy, Part Deux:

Dr. Judy: So, what else is going on with you these days?

Sheepish Annie: I think I need a tummy tuck.

DJ: Just do sit-ups.

SA: No, seriously, I researched this! There is no way to build up the underlying muscle tissue enough to take up the slack in the skin of your abdomen after significant weight loss. I mean, an empty burlap sack is gonna just be all crumply until you fill 'er up again, right?

DJ: What?

SA: Never mind, it made sense in my head. At any rate, my stomach looks really funny. I just don't think that you should be able to "mold" your skin into a variety of shapes like faces or cartoon animals and have it stay that way. I'm thinking tummy tuck.

DJ: Insurance won't cover that, you know.

SA: Yeah, I know.

DJ: Well, unless, of course, you are getting fungal infections within the folds of the skin. That happens alot and it's considered a health risk. That could fit in under most health plans.

SA: Gapes at Dr. Judy in abject horror.

DJ: Just something to think about.

SA: Never mind, I'm good.

So me 'n my crumply tummy are home today working on some projects as I'll be heading out tomorrow for a variety of "gotta do's." We're making some headway on the Lincoln:

Misleading photo; this round is actually off the bobbin and the twist is setting as I type this.
And even more headway has been made on the Lindt Chocolates:

That last one looks so lonely. I should invite him to join his friends in my tummy!

Tomorrow is a big day! I start fasting tonight for ye olde blood letter in order that I might learn the iron, sugar and cholesterol content of my aging corpuscles. Then I'm going to head into the office to do all the crap that I said I was going to do Monday but didn't due to vehicular difficulties. After that, I shall rest up for a night of fun and frolic at the CamMad household. Mrichme and Camadsmom took pity on me and my lack of progress in the socialization area over this vacation and have invited me to their happy home. This way I can say that I met mrichme's challenge to do something over the break besides nap and shop. Always nice when the one who challenges you also follows through with the completion of the task.

Best go rescue the skein of Lincoln and get it hung up to block. Then I shall be spending the remainder of the day eating myself into a coma in preparation for my 12 hour fast. (most of which I will be sleeping through, but I'm not taking any chances."



camadsmom said...

You have given me a real reason not to loose weight! My skin will just flop wiggle and roll. Thanks for the insentive.

Jay said...

OMG, I was practically wetting myself reading your recent post! Crumply tummy - such a descriptive phrase - could lead to fungal infection, which allows for an insurance-paid tummy tuck?! Rather than not shower, why not just use some green KoolAid?!
Or ask your cat if you can borrow some of her stickers (if they're not yours they can only - elementary, My Dear Watson - be hers!).

Moon said...

LOL...its so true, hence the funniness....
I say, if you want one and can get it covered by insurance in any way....GO FOR IT.
I have a crumply belly too.