Monday, February 13, 2006

An Open Letter To My Truck:

Dearest Conveyance:

I know that I am not the best of partners in this relationship. I litter in your interior. I fail get your fluids checked and/or changed on anything remotely resembling a regular basis. I sometimes use foul language in your presence, although to be fair, that is not always my fault. There are others on the road not as proficient as I in the driving arena. I want to be good to you...really I do. I mean well. It's just easy sometimes to take the ones you love for granted.

And I also know that you are not well just now. Your little tire is clinging by a much worn bearing and you are making every effort to just keep it all together. I feel for you, I really, really do.

I am asking, nay pleading with you: please just hang in there for four more days. Let me get to work without dying in a fiery wreck, possibly taking out other commuters in the process. I know I am asking alot, here. You start up each and every morning, you provide me with a place in which to plug my heated coffee mug and you play my geeky 80's mix CDs with not so much as a murmur of complaint. But, I really need you to focus. Hang in there, baby. Next week is vacation week and we can get this all taken care of.

You see, four weeks of TCI training and multiple appointments with Dr. DeSade, DMD have resulted in my being out of my classroom for many, many days. The children have not handled this with anything remotely resembling grace under pressure and it is entirely possible that my staff is planning a bloody coup. I need to get there for four more days to bring some sort of normalcy back to the situation. And I need to earn the Benjamins in order to pay for your healing.

In closing, dear truck: I'll do my part if you'll do yours. We can make this work. I believe in us. Let's keep the dream alive. Let's keep The Sheep alive.

All My Love,
Your Titled Owner of Record

And in brighter news, The Sheep is the Winner of the BoogaJ comment contest! Julie will be sending me my very own Library copy of A Good Yarn for my Sheepie perusing pleasure. If my truck hangs in there and doesn't do anything crazy like spill my old bones by the side of the road, it promises to be a good read!



camadsmom said...

I send only good Thoughts to you and your van. Positive Vibes, Positive Vibes.

Auntie Heidi said...

Godspeed my friend, Godspeed!