Sunday, February 12, 2006

Not Going Anywhere Today!!

Persephone's predictions were right on the money and we're in the grip of an impressive N'oreaster! So, The Sheep is snuggled up inside today working on a few of the projects that have received so much blog time of late, but little in the way of "real time."
Only a bit more of this stuff to go! I can ply next week during the school vacation.

At last!! Amy will get her Fingerless Gloves and I will get my highlights on schedule. It pays to keep one's stylist happy.

I also cast on for a pair of straight up, simple and quite boring socks. Nothin' fancy here. My feet are cold. These should (and please note that The Sheep is saying, "should" here) go pretty quickly with DK weight Sirdar Snuggly on size 5 needles. It would be nice to have them done before the spring thaw!

There has also been much in way of napping, chocolate eating and reading. If I gotta live up here in the frozen north, then I fully intend to avail myself of all the joys of hibernating. It looks like we up here in the further reaches of the NorthEast are only getting the tail end of this one, though. We are well below the snowfall amounts that Boston and New York seemed to get. The Sheep is in the 5-10" snow amount band according to the latest radar. That's enough for me!!! Of course it would have been even nicer if the whole mess had waited 24 scant hours and allowed The Sheep a snow day from school, but it is what it is. Besides, every day we go now is one less to make up in June, I suppose. (Maine is currently not a year-round school least for the moment)

"And what of Persephone?" you may ask. With her lengthy early warning system activities completed, she curled up for the day and has been out like a light. This was good given that her panic attack lasted well into the wee hours of the morning and I'm not sure I could have continued with all the soothing and nurturing.

Whew...that was one wicked low pressure system!!! Must regain my strength.

Since there seems to be no reason to think that I'll be granted a reprieve from school tomorrow (and I'd love one after the last few weeks) I suppose I should be thinking ahead. I'll need some lunches, clothing and a list of daily affirmations to read each morning to inspire me to brave the children in this, the week before vacation. Oh God...and Tuesday is Valentines Day!!! That means a party. Yikes!!!!!!!!


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mrichme said...

T minus 5 days and counting till vacation. Doesn't look like mother nature is going to help out.