Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ups And Downs...

Seems like lately all The Sheep does is whine. Long days, can't sleep, work sucks, cats ungrateful...and so on. I'm negative. It's who I am. Frankly, I'm at my best when I've created a large event out of a minimal issue. I feel so ding-dong important, I guess. Besides, if something really bad ever happened, it's a bit of a coin toss as to whether I'd be a veritable rock under the pressure or if I'd cave like Snoop Dog in a jewelry store. Probably the latter. I'm OK with that.

At any rate, it really was a trying day. I survived a month of physical restraint training with nothing but a few pulled muscles. I am put in the position of having to keep kids physically safe on a daily basis and often have to put my sheepie little body between them and the one they wish to destroy. I survive. Today, I was brought down by a plastic milk bottle. That's right, plastic. Not a jug, mind you. A single serving container. So there I was, monitoring my class during lunch and a student passing by accidentally dropped his strawberry milk. Ever the giver/caretaker/nurturer, The Sheep knelt to retrieve it. Half-way down, I felt something in the general area of my heinie start to pull. It was too late, though. Gravity was fully in effect and I was committed to the downward trajectory. Long story short, I pulled a major butt muscle with resulting tingles and twinges radiating down my left leg and up into my back. I'm not convinced that this is going to fly as a Workman's Comp. claim, but the lunch lady said she'd back me up. That is, if I can get up the nerve to admit that I torqued my tuchas going for a strawberry milk.

At any rate, I was so very pleased upon my arrival at the homestead to find a reward gift from my insurance company. I participate in their program to fool me into thinking that exercise and healthy eating are a good thing in the long run. Today's little giftie was this cheapo mp3 player! Whoo-hoo!!! A fun new toy!

And once I figured out how to get the batteries in, it actually worked!
My exaltation was short-lived however. I only set it down for a second and:

I'll just be taking that, thank you very much.

Oh well, Persephone bores easily. She will eventually surrender the knitting mag. and the new toy when hunger or the overwhelming scent of catnip toys takes over. Then I can play with it. I'm not going to let the little things get to me. Besides, I do have an ipod. And that's way better. Just don't tell the cats or I'll lose that as well.

In Knitting Knews: I am well on my way to finishing the second fingerless glove. Only two more weeks til my appointment with Amy. Barring any further trauma to The Sheep's old bones, these bad boys will be done and off to their intended within the given time frame.

That's the news and I am outta here!



Mia said...


Definite worker's comp though...

But for the love of God, tell us about your hands will ya? You didn't use them to break your fall did you? I mean, you CAN still knit, RIGHT???!!!!

::laughing:: Cheer up little sheepie.. tomorrow will be a better day :-)

mrichme said...

Sheepish, only you would pull a muscle in such a cavalier way. Oh that's right I pulled a muscle in my back once picking up Child2. Get all you can out of the district. You need to find the time to finish those projects that have been sitting on the back burner.

camadsmom said...

Ok one word ! OUCH!

missemilysmom said...

Wow!! Do not be embarrassed!! Believe me they have heard it all!! Remember my laptop was brought down by urine!!! And I can laugh with it now!! But ouch!! When I was reading the post though I seriously thought you were going to write your pants split.... But OUCH!!