Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Thing About Blogging:

So when you have a blog, you're kinda putting yourself "out there." If you get an idea, indulge the yen to express it, then post it, you find yourself having to actually follow through. The Sheep has been flapping her gums for a while now about putting in some "wheel time," but hasn't really gotten as much done as her wildly ambitious predictions would indicate. Today, though, I really put the treadle to the carpet and finished up another bobbin:

We're getting there!

And I've made a good start on the next one!

Hopefully, I'm back in the groove and can push through this! I've decided not to blend the last few batts of this stuff with the metallic. I'm thinking about doing that lot as a two or three ply sock yarn and will need to spin it a heck of a lot finer than what I've got here. Shouldn't be a problem, but we will see what the mood is when I start. See? I'm learning not to back myself into a corner!!!

So, I was at the grocery store yesterday just before I went to pay my "car husbands." (I've decided that, since I'm supporting all these men in my life, I deserve some sort of status ) I noticed a higher percentage of males pushing carts than is normal. And, oddly enough, they were buying large amounts of wings. It registered and I got a bit panicky, thinking perhaps that I had missed a change in the normal celebration date of Mother's Day or something. Not so. It seems that there is some sort of football-related thing going on today. You would think that there would have been some kind of announcement about this, an advertisement, newspaper article...whatever. It certainly couldn't be that I was overly focused on my own issues. Nope, not me, me, ME! At any rate, I'm thinking that tonight's TV viewing might be affected. Perhaps this will lend itself to a bit more spinning time! I mean, it's not like I'm going to actually watch football!!!!!

I'm such a freakin' girl!!!!!


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