Sunday, February 19, 2006

Time To Move On!

The Sheep woke up with the birdies this morning. (well, the ones that were too stupid to fly south, that is. I mean, my God, it was 9 degrees, for crying out loud!) She was gripped by some strange, indefinable desire. What could it be? Don't have to pee...not hungry...cats seem fine...what is it??? I got it: I need to card!!!!!

Now this is somewhat unusual as carding is something that The Sheep does because she has to, rarely because she wants to! I suspect it has something to do with the last few batts of the Lincoln blend that should be done in the nearest of futures. As much as I love this stuff, I'm ready to see the end of it for a while. I gots me an itch to do something different, I tells ya! And here it is:

Dontcha just love the basket? They're made by (deep breath, here) my Dad's cousin's wife. That would make her wait, is there a "removed," it's by marriage...wait...carry the one...oh whatever! She's wicked cool and makes these amazing baskets! You can read more about her and the talented artists with whom she works over at the Wild Plum site. This is an example of her Gathering Basket. I also have one of her Market Baskets that stays by the wheel to hold prepared fiber. This is the "pretty"shot. Here's the rest of the stuff in a less photogenic but more representative-of-my-life picture:

How much do I love these gi-normous Ziploc bags????

As you can see, The Sheep will be busy with this for a while. Won in an Ebay auction last fall, this lovely Jacob came to me already washed but full of VM. I've already spun up a small amount in a woolen yarn which is highly uncharacteristic for The Sheep. I'm more of a worsted spinner, but this stuff really lends itself to the long draw even if I'm not so good at that technique! I'm looking forward to spending some wheel-time with this!

For those of you thinking that The Sheep has abandoned her poor, sad little sock, take heart! Time was spent on that endeavor as well! We've recaptured the rogue stitches and needled them into submission. All is right with the world... I'll wait to post pix when I can honestly and truly say I have a pair of the suckers! Shouldn't be long. You'll be ok. Frankly, you're probably knitting something way better anyway.

Here's a thought to keep you from worrying obsessively about my foot coverings: I was checking my site meter stats last night and learned that The Sheep was discovered by some hapless soul who did a Google search by entering the keywords "constipated" and "cat." I'm not sure that my bound-up baby and I were exactly what he or she was seeking but I do so hope that my thoughts on the subject were helpful.

Off to start plying the last of the Lincoln!


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We are still alive. No Internet at home. We are in Massachusetts with the family. TTYL