Saturday, February 25, 2006

The End Is In Sight...

Sigh...the "vacation" part of the week is over and Sheep is simply left with a plain, old "weekend." As with most planned days away from regular labors, I entered into this thinking that I would complete many of the projects that have languished lo these many months. 'Twas not to be. The Lincoln/Metallic blend, although looking lovely, has been slow to ply. Not sure what is keeping me at such a distance, but I just can't seem to make any headway here!

One week, one skein...I won't be winning the gold for speed here!
There was a bit of carding, a tad of wool sorting, a wee bit of knitting, but nothing that represented a concentrated effort in any one area. Ah, is what it is. I mean it's not like I got a mysterious, late-night phone call saying, "We have the cats, all UFO's must be completed by Friday or they're done for."
Besides, there were a few other little things going on that required my attention! The truck and The Sheep needed to go in for maintenance. It's a bit frightening to me that it costs more to keep the truck on the road than it does to keep The Sheep up and running. And the truck is younger...
Friday's scheduled blood-letting was survived without incident. I managed to remember that I was fasting for twelve consecutive hours, which was a feat unto itself. Several times I found myself in the kitchen looking for something upon which to nosh only to come to my senses and remember that food was a no-no. I made it to the lab around 8:00 in the a.m. and was successfully drained of the required amount of corpuscles by a lovely technician who also happened to be a knitter. In between a discussion of knitted dishcloths, I learned that I have "slippery" veins. I am unclear on whether this is a good or bad thing and chose not to ask. I had a large cup of coffee waiting for me in the truck and didn't want to waste any time getting to it.
I made it in to the office after a week of procrastinating and finished up all the stuff there that I had been putting off for months then rushed home for a short nap before a scheduled visit at the cammad house. Child 1 and 2 seemed happy to see me. Child 1 kicked auntie's Sheepie little butt all over the Strawberry Shortcake Game board and camadsmom did the same at the Scrabble board. mrichme did his usual fabulous job with dinner and a good time was had by all. We even managed to stay up until 11:00 just like real grown-ups do!!! Yes, yes, please feel free to envy my life in all it's rockin' madness. Paris and Nicky, eat your hearts out.
And, as they say in the film, "tomorrow is another day." Perhaps there is hope for a bit more progress on the UFO's. If not, I must take heart: only 7 more weeks until the spring break!!!
I'm going to start my to-do list now!!!


Mia said...

Wow.. you actually stayed up until 11:00! You're my role model ::laughing::

camadsmom said...

Last night was a wild blast at the Scrabble board. Child 1 wrote about you in her diary. It was a big event of her day. Child 2 also asked for you in the morning. Thanks for the good time.