Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Single Gal's Salute To The Day

Ahhh...Valentine's Day! The 24 little hours when we all take a moment and let our thoughts and credit cards devote themselves to those who provide us with the lovin'! The warmth, the tender sentiments, the sweet endearments...

Now, The Sheep is often tagged as being something of a cynic. And it's a title she richly deserves, have no doubt. But this is quite a day on the flock calendar. One I await with all the giddiness of a school-girl. It is, (ooo I'm all a-tingle here,) the day before some of the finest chocolates the world can produce go on the 1/2 price table.

Sure, there's a decent sale after Halloween, but those are the chocolates produced for children. And what do they know about cocoa content? No, the Valentine's leftovers represent the hope and dreams of men (mostly) trying to make up for an entire year of neglect. It's their last ditch shot at some nookie following the "blender-for-Christmas" debacle. It's good stuff people...really good!!!

However, The Sheep did find herself on the receiving end of some actual Valentine's Day Treats. One of my more "trying" students arrived with this for the teacher:

The healthy orange has been placed in the photo for "scale" not because I'm going to eat it.
And so, as The Sheep gets ready for a night of sock knitting and Valentine's Day noshing, I leave you with this final thought from the good people at Dove Chocolate:

I had to eat about a million of the candies that spouted sappy sentiments about sunsets and giving of one's self before getting this little gem in my wrapper, "Chocolate; Always Your Valentine."

Enjoy the day with your favorite friend/partner/spouse or snack!!!



camadsmom said...

Happy Valentine Days!

Auntie Heidi said...

Hahaha! I never looked at valentines day in that way - the day before the 1/2 off sale! I have a new outlook! Thank you for that my friend. Happy Valentines - or should I say Happy Chocolate lovers Eve!