Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm OK!

A big Sheepie shout-out to all who expressed concern over my milk-related injury. I 'm feeling pretty good today, actually. When I got home last night, I debated whether to bag the old work-out and rest my weary bones. As I only do three days a week and have been a bit slow getting back on track since the holidays, I went ahead and did it (40 minutes of cycling followed by a fast 15 minutes of circuit training with weights on the bouncy ball) and am probably the better for it. I find that when I sit still for too long that the twinges start. The commute to and from work is a bit tricky since you can't really just wander around the car when you are the driver, but I don't really have a good solution for that one yet.

In answer to Mia's questions regarding the safety and well being of the Sheepie hooves, they are just fine and dandy, thanks! Here's the thing: when I hit the big four-oh last year I sort of panicked. OK, not so much "sort of" as "full on freak-out." I started doing foolish things like getting exercise and eating all these weird green things. I dropped about 60 pounds, which was great, but the rigid adherence to this lifestyle has taken it's toll on my common sense. At the time of "the incident" I happened to be holding on to the meagre salad that constitutes my midday meal and there was no way on God's Green Earth that I was letting go of the food...even if it meant rearranging the junk in the trunk. I stand by the decision. I was hungry...sue me.

However, having hands well enough to knit did not exactly save me from disaster. I was knitting along on the fingerless gloves and noted a bit of "wear" in the yarn. "Hmmm...," said The Sheep. "Wouldn't it just be horrible if the yarn were to break right here, just as I'm rounding this corner and pulling the yarn tightly so as to avoid the laddering I do so hate?" Long story short: yarn broke within a nanosecond of that thought, stitches were dropped, knotting the yarn went horribly awry and I'm taking out the last three rows to try and salvage the otherwise smooth and flawless knitting achieved to date. What are you gonna do? It is what it is. It's not a hard fix, just an annoying one.

It is also one that I shall leave for the weekend. I find that, when I try to fix something that has irritated the dickens out of me just after the fact, I end up only doing stupid things. Better to wait for a clearer head!

On that note, I'm off to eat my sad little "middle-aged, fighting it with all I have" sensible dinner!


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Mia said...

Awww i'm eating a fudgesickle right now so it's hard to type ... I'm with ya on the change after 40 though.. I kind of did the same thing. Feels MUCH better :-) and CONGRATS on losing that 60! Whoa.. !