Monday, February 06, 2006

Back To The Routine!

Well, sort of... I slept a grand total of 2 hours last night. You know how it goes: you're tired, you hit the hay, the eyes snap open and it's all downhill from there. As the hours tick by, all you can think about is how, if you just went to sleep right now, the night might be salvageable. No pressure there. I finally gave up around 2:00 am and did some knitting. I managed to get past the cursed ribbing on Amy's fingerless glove and felt somewhat the better for it. I then tried the old "coffee trick" and threw back a strong cup of joe. Caffeine often has a paradoxical effect on The Sheep and can induce sleep when nothing else can. It worked and I dozed off around 3:30 or so. When the alarm went off at 5:30 I was just rarin' to go. OK, not so much. It was a reeeeeeaaaallllllly long day with the kiddos. Apparently they all managed to get plenty of rest last night. Although I have to say it did nothing for their moods. Mondays just suck no matter how old you be!

The weather looks good for a full week of school and there are no more trainings left to which I must travel. It will be a normal week for the first time in "i don't know how long." Two of those and I get a break. You'll never get rich as a teacher and the opportunities for advancement are pretty much nil. What you do get are regular vacations. I'll take it!!! Of course the only two pressing engagements The Sheep has going on for that time are a doctor's appointment (no panicky posts about that; I like my doctor way more than my dentist) and getting the truck fixed. Otherwise, I'll hang with the cats, knit, spin and maybe even sleep a bit! Wouldn't that be novel?


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