Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tuckered Out!!!

This has been a rather ungodly-long week! Things at the school were heated, I didn't get half the things done that I should have, and I just haven't been sleeping or eating as well as I know I should. I finished up the last day of TCI training today including the physical and written testing. I passed the physical stuff with some minimal bruising and will learn how I did on the written portion later. After that I scooted back from NH to ME to do a Parenting Education Session (which I kept mercifully short!), hit the grocery store and came home. The aches and pains are starting to set in. Part of the testing involved doing several "take downs" and I somehow managed to bring my leg down the wrong way. I couldn't exactly acknowledge the cramping as this was the test and the instructors were looking for "fluid" moves. Thus, The Sheep put on her "competent" face and pretended that all was as it should be. I've spent the last hour sitting in a hot bath and trying to get these old bones to quit their fussin'. On the positive side, if anyone out there decides to randomly bite me, choke me or take a swing at me, I have a veritable panoply of strategies from which to choose. I'll just be strolling down dark alleys with impunity...I fear nothing. Look out Dr. DeSade!!!

There wasn't much time for knitting today given the testing. I managed to knock out a couple more rows on the shawl. I opted to leave the fingerless gloves home as they have not been nice to me and don't deserve a field trip. If they are good over the weekend, perhaps restrictions will be lifted. It's all about choices.

The plan tonight is to leave the knitting for the weekend proper and just hit the hay. I seriously need to get the oil changed in the truck and tomorrow is really the best day to do it. Then it's all about The Sheep, A wheel and a Big Bag 'o Fiber!!!!


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