Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Going Out Of My Mind...Cuz I Can't Go Anywhere Else!

Back when The Sheep was but a wee, little lambie it became apparent to her caregivers that the best way to get her to do something was to apply some gentle reverse psychology. For example, if said little one wouldn't eat her veggies, a scenario like this would do the trick:

Act One, Scene One: A typical suburban living room complete with avocado colored carpet and coordinating harvest gold drapes. The scene begins with a young mother leaning towards her 6 year old daughter.

"Now precious one, you don't want to eat that nasty, old broccoli. It will only give you the poots and possibly turn you into a serial killer when you grow up. No, no...you just eat these yucky, blucky homemade brownies. That's my girl, you little gift from heaven. I'm off to go deal with your nasty and far less-beloved brother whom we really did adopt from a petting zoo out of pity and have regretted obtaining ever since."

(exit smiling mother, secure in the knowledge that, within minutes, her darling offspring will be sneaking into the kitchen to procure some of the green stuff all the while thinking that she is partaking of forbidden fruit. End Scene)

Minor liberties were taken with the dialogue here, but you get the idea.

And not much has changed. Normally, The Sheep likes nothing better than to hibernate in the house with all her projects and snack foods gathered around her and the ear-shattering strains of Cartoon Network blasting in the background. However, once you take away the power of choice, this seems less than enjoyable. The truck is still not repaired and I am keeping to my word by allowing her to rest and limit the trips into the outside world.

I am trapped, I tells ya, trapped!!! Never have I wanted more to go out and see how everyone is doing. Friends, acquaintances, complete strangers....whomever. I just miss you. Horribly.

You'd think that, with all this time on my hooves, that I'd be getting a bit more done around the old homestead. This is not the case. Cabin fever has hobbled me and I'm just not feeling the love for all my little projects. I did manage to go through a few of the clothes in my closet and find more that could be discarded. (comforting to know that they are too big, disconcerting to realize that I once fit into them) I also finally sat down to get some plying done.

In honor of President's Day vacation, I ply you, dear Lincoln!
And I plied whilst wearing my spiffy new sox. Yup, I finished 'em last night! They are the perfect "at-home-soft-and-floppy" footwear!

Most enjoyable!!!

In addition, I snarfed down a big old Bubba Burger, (from the frozen food section at the local supermarket, dontcha know!) and a disturbing number of the Lindt chocolates gifted to Ms. Sheep by one of her students on V-Day. Oh, yeah...and another nap.

Tomorrow is the big day, though! The truck goes in for repair and, after giving the mechanic large amounts of my hard-earned dollars, I shall be mobile once more. I'm sure, at that point, that I will no longer wish to go anywhere, though.

But it's all about having the choice!!!



camadsmom said...

You were sooooo lucky. Your childhood was cool. My mom did the Eat your broccoli or no desert. It worked too but not as much fun. It was clear to me I was there favorite but my brothers seem to disagree. Mom had them snowed.

Love the sox.

missemilysmom said...

Ohhh... I need to try this psychology thing.... I told DD to eat the broccoli tonite or no Scooby Doo!! Hmmmm... Good luck with the vehicle repair!! And I could not view your pics???

See you next week....

Mia said...

Wow. I'm still tryin' to get over the avacado green and harvest gold flashback....

Anyway, the socks are lovely Sheepie.. ya did good!

Now see.. don't you appreciate us.. your imaginary internet friends, for rescuing you and coming to see YOU before the cabin fever drives you over the edge?

Yeah, I thought so *grin*