Friday, February 17, 2006

"We Must Be Up Inside The Cyclone!"

I didn't start my day in Kansas so the more obvious post title didn't seem to fit here. Either way, the wind is a-blowing in my neck of the woods! The lights flickered on and off all day at school which is just what you want on the day before the February Break. I mean, the children are all so focused and attentive that a diversion from their work ethic is welcome. For those of you less well-versed in the art of sarcasm than I, that was an example of the genre. It was a long day punctuated by temper tantrums, tears and vigorous arguments over who "got there first." By noon, The Sheep was actually participating in these high minded debates. That is never a good sign. Time for a vacation, methinks.

The day was made even longer by the downed trees preventing the buses from making their appointed rounds in the timely manner to which we have become accustomed. When The Sheep vacated the premises after 4:00 there were still kiddies waiting for their bright yellow chariot to carry them away. I probably should have felt more guilt around not helping to corral them. But I didn't. I ran. Very fast. As one of the few staff members who does not get lunch breaks nor preparatory periods and has to negotiate for bathroom breaks, I feel that I can justify.

On the brighter side, my Parenting Education Session was cancelled for tonight so The Sheep got to start her vacation many hours earlier than planned. It was a delight to do the grocery shopping in the daylight and to be home by 5:30. The cats looked a bit surprised, though. I swear to God I heard one of them sneaking the phone into the bathroom and calling a bunch of friends. "Change of plans...she's home. Yeah, I know...we'll have the Jenga/catnip fiesta next week. See ya then!" Or maybe I'm just tired. I don't know anymore.

Happy news: I finished the first of the Straight-up Sox last night! I realized as I approached the end of the toe that I hadn't done a Kitchener Stitch in a dog's age, though. Not a problem; I just pulled out my handy dandy Vogue Knitting Quick Reference and refreshed my aged memory cells. It certainly helped that this is a lumpy, bumpy, fluffy, floofy sort of yarn and it masked my whoopsies quite handily.

Persephone was unimpressed, but Desdemona showed great appreciation for Mommy's efforts.

And now, the lights here in the old homestead are starting to dim a bit. Seems to me that there might be a chance for a power outage here as well. We'll end this here and get this bad boy up on them internets before all is lost!

Enjoy the weekend!


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Auntie Heidi said...

LOVE the sock! I am very impressed - and that my friend is not sarcasm! I am truly impressed. Must be warm in that chilly northern weather. Enjoy your well deserved vacation!