Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Curse Of The Knitting Gods

Thanks for the kind comments on the socks. And my toes? Why, yes camadsmom, they are cunning aren't they? Probably should have gone for the mani/pedi first, but I hadn't planned on a toe shot. I'll be more diligent about my digits in the future.

Perhaps that is why the Knitting Gods saw fit to humble me this morning. Or maybe it's because I failed to sacrifice a virgin to them on the last solstice. I'm sorry for that, but virgins aren't exactly as plentiful as they once were and I don't actually know when the solstice is. For whatever reason, I got hit with a little whammy this morning. This is usually a sign that the rest of your day isn't going to be exactly stellar.

I am in the final decreases for the toe, the end is in sight, I may actually get to the finish line here. (pretty dramatic commentary for such a simple project, but I'm a drama queen and I don't care) Suddenly there is this earth-shattering BOOM and out go the lights. Several more thunderclaps were heard followed by sirens. This has happened before so I know it's not the terrorists; a transformer has blown. It was quite exciting for the cats and they seemed to enjoy the show, but The Sheep ran into a little difficulty. (other than having to put on her makeup by flashlight like the pioneers did)

I was working these last few decreases just before leaving for work this morning and it wasn't exactly full daylight. Thus, I was unable to see all that well once electric lights were lost. Can we guess what happened? Rather that stop what I was doing before I screwed the whole thing up, I forged ahead. Long story short, I lost a few stitches. They were easily picked up (as long as I aimed the flashlight just right) and I think we're good to go, but what a blow to my Sheepie little ego!

Them Knitting Gods are truly vengeful gods. Don't mess with them. They can smell overconfidence a mile away and will humble you in the time it takes to say, "I can't believe how fast these things knit up!" I'm off to see if there are any virgins in my neighborhood willing to take a swim in a volcano in the interest of finishing my socks. This could take a while...



camadsmom said...

THE GODS HAVE SPOKEN! What is it about the Gods keeping us humble. Why can't we shout from the top of Mount Olympus, THESE SOCKS ARE EASY. Try it again sometime and don't be afraid. The lights may go out but they will come on again and again.

mrichme said...

The Knitting Gods give those who are strong enough to handle adversity life's little challenges. It sounds like you were strong enough to pull through the "bowling session for the angels", that's what Child1 would have called it. Keep the faith!

samsmom said...

I'm a lurker to your blog, also living in southern maine.
I'm an amateur knitter currently making the backyard leaves scarf.
I enjoy your writing. It makes me laugh out loud often.
Back to lurking.....