Monday, February 27, 2006

The Sheep Is Only Human!!!

There are many things I will miss about last week's school vacation: naps, chocolate, uniterrupted fiber time... But I think the thing I will remember with the most fondess is the freedom to choose.

Around 9:15 this morning one of my students went into a bit of a crisis and required some emotional and physical support in order to be safe. I recall thinking as I was taking repeated kicks to the shins, "Gosh, I have to pee...this could be somewhat problematic." But the incident looked to be one of short duration and I figured that all would be well.

However, upon returning to the classroom it appeared that the other children had not faired well in my absence. Order needed to be restored. That's OK...The Sheep is tough. She can weather this little issue with grace and aplomb. I'll just think dry thoughts.

At 10:30, Reading Class was fraught with a major case of "The Grumpies." No one was happy, everyone was the victim of some plot to make them the laughing stock of the school or ruin their little lives. The urge to tinkle was still well upon me, but there was no way on god's green earth that I could leave the scene at that point. I remained at my post.

Around 11:20, the pressure seemed to lessen somewhat. I feared that I had unknowingly just wet myself, but a quick check assured me that I had not. The need returned full force.

At 12:00 things were getting a bit grim, but it was time for third grade lunch and I needed to go with the kiddoes to make sure that they ate their veggies and didn't plan a coup to take over the school by dismissal. The ladies room never seemed further away. I gritted my teeth and lined 'em up.

By 1:00 it was time for Read Aloud and there was no way I was going to make it another minute. My vision was tinged with yellow and my pulse was creating a tidal pull somewhere near my eardrums. I begged one of my staff members to cover the class so I could finally just go...and go...and go...

For anyone keeping track that is a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes of clenching. I tried to tell myself that I must be burning a few extra calories with all those isometrics but it just didn't help. I miss the freedom to choose!

Of all the songs
There's none much sadder
Than the Ballad of
The Much-Ignored Bladder

On a happier note, The Sheep made a bit of a discovery today! It seems that one of my WIPs had been left in my bag after my trip to see Dr. Judy. (she's always running a bit late dontcha know) I pulled it out during recess and got in a little knitting time. As the the wind chill had put the outside temperature somewhere around twenty below the kids were trapped inside and forced to recreate within the confines of the classroom. Now these are the same children who will not hesitate to wander over and ask a question or make a point regardless of the circumstances. I could be talking with the superintendent, teaching the most brilliant class ever inflicted upon a hapless group of youngsters or dealing with a full-on temper tantrum complete with overturned chairs and full physical restraint. They will invariably trundle over to see why Harry got to use the computer and do I like him "better. "

Yet the knitting somehow repelled them. Several times a child would wander over then say, "never mind, you're busy," and head back out. Not sure what the aura of knitting did to their little psyches but I'm not going to question it too deeply. For 10 whole minutes, I could breathe.

Just not pee...


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camadsmom said...

Thats one reason I like high school. Aside from having a bathroom in my MOD if I gotta go I do.