Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Sheep Visits Dr. Judy:

Somewhere in Southern Maine at 9:45 am:

Dr. Judy: Well hello there, Sheepish. It appears that you have lost a bit more weight.

Sheepish Annie: Why yes, Dr. Judy. I have. You see, I have been making regular visits to Dr. DeSade, DMD (whom you probably recognize from his latest published work "How To Torture And Terrify In The New Millenium") There has been some technical difficulty around chewing over the last couple of months. (Sheep then goes on for several minutes listing the procedures performed to date. )

DJ: My, that sounds painful.

SA: Yeah, and that root canal...none of the painkillers would take and he ended up shooting four locals directly into the tooth, but that didn't work either and...

DJ: (visibly shuddering) Um, I can't talk about this anymore. Can we just change the subject?

Now this is a woman who, in order to obtain her degree and license to practice, had to actually cut into dead flesh. She regularly delivers babies, lances weeping boils and sticks her fingers into all manner of bodily orifices. And she's afraid of the dentist!!!!!!!!!!

See, it's not just me.

At any rate, my "every other month" appointment went well. The blood pressure is still "excellent," (this time last year I was on meds for this) my Body Mass Index is 21 3/4 (that would be in the "ideal" range, thank you very much!) and it looks like I'll live to fight another day. On the downside, it appears that The Sheep might be anemic. Or have some thyroid thingie. The diet's been a bit off since the whole dentist nightmare began so anemia looks like the disease du jour, but we'll have to wait and see. I get to fast and have blood work and all sorts of fun, dramatic sounding things. The Sheep loves nothing more than to make a drama out of the simple stuff...I am in my element, here!

In other news: The Sheep is also now mobile! The truck is fixed and there is now less chance of a major catastophe involving me losing a wheel on the Maine Turnpike. And, the good guys at the garage came in about $100.00 under their estimate and 15 minutes sooner than their time-to-fix 'er-up-fo'-ya-dee-uh" projection. (for those of you outside of New England, "Dee-uh" is the local pronunciation for "Dear".) The Sheep is released from the confines of her condo and free to roam the world anew.

There was some downtime for knitting today, but not as much as I'd thought. More time was spent in transit than sitting and waiting so not much to report on that front. Tomorrow may be a bit more conducive to project production!



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camadsmom said...

Sounds like you have had a positive day. Glad to here your doctors visit was good. Glad to here that you have wheels. Glad to here that you will live another day. Hope your knitting time is in abundance tomorrow.