Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not feelin' the love...

I work hard. By day, I teach full time in a self-contained day treatment program for elementary school students with emotional disabilities. Several nights a week I provide court-ordered parent/child visit supervision and parenting education through a small agency just outside of Portland. I give back to the community, am kind to the elderly and always wash my hands after using the bathroom. I am a "giver." And yet, when I arrived home after a full day of providing these valuable services to the community at large, this is the greeting I receive:



Is it too much to ask that a couple of my needs get met every so often? Am I such a bad parent that I have raised selfish, uncaring felines who will never go to college, get MBAs and support me in the style to which I would like to become accustomed? Is there a parenting course out there for Mommies who have failed in this area?

I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that I am owned, lock, stock and barrel, by these creatures. My life is not my own and it is too late to change anything. This will probably all feel much better on this cold Maine evening when fluffy, little Persephone (the black and white one with the sour expression) curls up with me for the evening and throws off some of that one-of-a-kind kitty body heat. It gets in the way of the knitting, but sure feels cozy!

Enjoy your evening, be it with kitties or real people!


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