Saturday, December 17, 2005

And Now, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Complaining.

My mouth has healed to the point where I can no longer justify my continued fussing over the whole dentist thing so I guess it's back to whining about the usual day-to-day stuff. I'm sure that everyone who has to spend any time with me in the course of a day will be pleased to hear that. In fact, I have heard rumors about a party being thrown somewhere to celebrate the ending of this drama. I was not invited.

In fiber news: I should be finishing up the Skinny Scarf tonight. I'll block it tomorrow and add some fringe and beads. I think it will make a suitable gift for my stylist and that she might actually be willing to accept some input from me regarding my hair length. We'll see... To be truthful, she generally makes better choices for me that I ever could, but I'd at least like to be a part of the process!

I also managed to finish a pin for a co-worker:

It is made with polymer clay and hand painted-papers that I recycle out of grocery bags. I used to do more of these before the knitting bug bit me and infected me for all time with a need to turn string into stuff. It was kind of fun to go back to that for a bit, but I can't imagine letting go of my compulsion to bend wool to my will.

Soon, I shall be able to focus on my favorite person in the whole world: ME!!! (people often ask if I feel that I may have missed out on something by never marrying or having children. I don't get that...) My yarn purchases from the post-dentist experience should get me started. It looks like I'll be a bit longer than I thought getting my cardigan yarn spun up and I'll need some short term projects to fill the empty space. I'm envisioning hand-warmers:

Hope to be able to post a picture of the skinny scarf soon. I will be thrilled when that foolish thing is done! For such a simple project, it gave me more than one headache and a desire to return to the halcyon days of drinking! Fortunately there is always chocolate so I was able to keep my spirits up despite the set-backs.

Back to those little #1 needles for the final push!


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