Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weather, Kitties And Fiber!

Still a bit shaky following my flu bout...having a hard time getting my appetite back and am tired as all get-out, but the fiber fun must continue! Friday's big snow blast has rekindled my need to get a "snow-shovelin'" sweater done! Here's a shot of Persephone enjoying the snow storm:

I'm an indoor cat and proud of it!!!!

And a batt of the Lincoln/Metallic I'm spinning for that aforementioned sweater:

I love the colors (G&K Craft Industries Caramel blended with copper metallic), but I'm a bit disappointed in how much of the color seems to be ending up of my fingers during spinning. To be fair, I tend to be a bit heavy-handed with the dye, but why is it that the cheapo, unidentified packets I win on eBay never do that???? Oh well, I do love this Lincoln. It's from Peaceful Pastures who somehow seem to put out the softest fleeces despite Lincoln's rep. for being a bit scratchy.

And Desdemona? Well, she's resting up. She has her Mommy's tendency towards sleeping away bad weather:

Wake me when it's 75 degrees...or dinner time.

In between naps, though, the sheep has been spinning merrily and hopes to have that cardigan on the needles soon!

I've been spinning so much fingering weight of late that I forgot I needed something more along the lines of a worsted weight for this pattern. Ended up having to go back and redo! It was that or have a 4-ply yarn, but I wasn't that far along in the spinning so I decided to start over.

And, all will be pleased to note that I have already made my lunch for Monday and have clean clothes ready to go. No repeats of last week!!!!!

Phew! I feel like I've added the recommended daily fiber content for this blog! Must begin getting psyched up for the upcoming week and the labors that help pay for this hobby/addiction!



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