Thursday, December 29, 2005

Knitting and ADD

The Sheep mentioned in the earlier "Forced Tag" post that she has a little ADD. Not the "Oh silly me, I forgot to pick up the milk" kind but the "Hmm...forgot to pay my taxes, finally change my oil after 10,000 miles, wander out of meetings cuz I'm bored" kind. I get the jitters when I take antihistimines and drink coffee to help me sleep. I sometimes catch people looking at me during Pupil Evaluation Team Meetings and realize that I have been rocking in my chair for the last god-knows-how-many minutes. And, lord help me, I have a tiny bit of difficulty with printed directions...GET TO THE POINT ALREADY...OH FORGET IT, I'LL JUST FIGURE IT OUT!!!!

Sooooo, I take Concerta. This helps a great deal and outweighs the side effects IMHO. However, it is a methlyphenidate and one can develop a tolerance for it. Thus, whenever possible, I take a little med. holiday and vibrate through life for a few days. As I'm on vacation this week, I thought it might be a good time to take a little break. Now, let's discuss decreases.

The Not-So-Fringed-Collar jacket is humming along nicely, but we had a little difficulty following along when it came to the decreases after the super thick ribbing. We've had to do a bit of "adjusting" since I have no intention whatsoever of going back to the beginning. I've managed to get this sucker to within a few stitches of where it is supposed to be and think that all will turn out well. Here's the progress thus far:

A close-up of the ribbing:
Bigger view:

Persephone offering her valuable assistance:

Technically, The Sheep is still on vacation, however the downside to having two jobs is that she needs to drag her fleecy little self out the door for a 5:00 visit supervision for the agency. Gotta pay off that stupid crown so I guess I need to put in the hours. I don't want Dr. DeSade to have to get upset...can you imagine how mean he'd be if I owed him money????

And in case you're wondering: yes, we opt for medication on the days we work the extra job!!!! It's a looooong day without it.



mrichme said...


Now it all makes sense.

missemilysmom said...

Ahhh now I understand!! :)

See you Tuesday (maybe the weather is looking like it might let us stay home?)

camadsmom said...

ADD is no excuse you are still responsible for your own behaviors.

Sheepish Annie said...

Actually, I blame society and the public schools for failing me. I own nothing!!!!!!!!!

camadsmom said...

Now THAT makes sense!

knitannie said...

Hey Sheepish, Merry Xmas. Your sweater looks great so far. Can't wait to see the finished product. I have yet to knit any item of clothing for myself, as the yarn always seemed so expensive it didn't seem worth it. I guess I am a yarn snob. However, once I finish my list of WIP's I will endeavour to make something for myself out of 100 % acrylic - inspired by your sweater of course!

Anonymous said...

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