Friday, December 23, 2005

Sheepie Claus Came!

My Mom continues to be the best "Santa" in this, my so-called-life, but the Sheep likes to think that she does a pretty good job taking care of her own holiday wish list. How could I forget to post a picture of my latest Ebay win??? I'd like you to meet my new rug hooking frame:

The seller's info said he was out of Florida, but when he emailed me the after my big win I learned that he is actually a snowbird who flies south each winter from my own great state of Maine. He makes these using native Maine hardwoods and I do feel that he did a rather nice job. I've put my latest, greatest (and I use that word loosely!!!) WIP on it and have been hooking away. Working with quality tools makes the Sheep feel a tiny bit better about her less than developed skills in this fiber area. :)


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