Saturday, December 31, 2005

Back Behind The Wheel!

When you live in a small space and you have a lot of "stuff," you learn to live with clutter. After a while, you sort of stop seeing it and just focus on the what you're actually looking for: size 2 needles, car keys, the cat you haven't seen for the last hour but can hear coughing up something the size of Kentucky...that sort of thing.

It has become somewhat difficult, however, to not see the ridiculous amount of wool that needs carding, blending and spinning. (All of which has been hanging around since last summer awaiting my creative touch. ) So, this morning the sheep hit the Louet Jr. and returned to blending more of the Lincoln with the copper metallic in order to get some of that out of the way. Did we finish? No we did not...but we can say a dent was made. No sense posting pix of that since it looks pretty much like all the other photos. Next up: the Jacob that I won in an Ebay auction in August. Perhaps I'll actually get all this done in time for Spring Shearing so I can get more and fill that vacated spot!!! Clutter indicates the financial resources to acquire lots of comforting.

The sweater continues, but doesn't really look all that much different. I'm just finishing up the last of the cursed decreases before separating for the back and fronts. I find that cardigan-type sweaters work best for the math-impaired Sheepie when she works both sides at once. Measure twice, cut once my fanny...I never seem to get them the same size!!!!!!!

Vacation is rapidly winding down and the spinning/knitting will be relegated back to the weekends until the February break. I do feel that I'm wrapping up '05 with a number of FO's and that's not a bad way to end the year! The Sheep fervently wishes all a safe and Happy New Year's Eve and the strength to a) stick with all those well-intentioned resolutions or b) the creativity to come up with good reasons why not.

Celebrate Safely!!


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