Thursday, December 08, 2005

Catching some areas.

I'm taking another tack on this. I will never catch up at work. It's a system designed to keep me running on the metaphorical hamster wheel until I drop. Fine. When I do drop, I am guaranteed entrance at the pearly gates given my tireless devotion to children. Well, unless St. Peter or whomever is subbing in for him that day is a regular blog devotee...

Anyhoo, I'm simply going to get done what I can (mere mortal that I be) and take all sorts of giddy pride in getting some holiday gifts done. If I put on big enough blinders I can convince myself of god-like abilities. Besides, I can't live the life described in the previous post; my cats hate each other too much to live in such close quarters. I shall soldier on! Here's what I've accomplished to date:

A chenille neck-warmer

A 5 oz. skein of fingering weight Lincoln/Metallic blend

And...I managed to get that report done for job #2! The Sheep rules!!!!

Here's to looking at the brighter side!


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