Tuesday, December 20, 2005

'Twas the week before Christmas!

Greeeeeeat time to be a teacher...really, just fabulous. Wired kids, tired teachers. If I survive 'till Thursday I win a free vacation in my own home, free from children, staff rooms filled with holiday goodies designed to make me bloat into the new year and computer programs designed to make my life and paperwork easier but never actually work when I need to write an IEP. I will have a week where no one asks me to make someone stop looking at them, tells me that they hate me because I have the audacity to suggest that we try a math page before recess commences or eats something that they removed from a nostril. It is going to be a beautiful time...

Meanwhile, I have begun a fabulous pair of handwarmers from Fortissima Sock Yarn! One done, another in the works. Got the pattern from Mama E's blog when I was cruising around the Fiber Artist's Ring. Easy and fun...what more could a tired sheep want in this time of holiday stress and strife?

I wish you all a Silent Night...trust me, silence is awesome!!!!


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knitannie said...

Hi Sheepish Annie,

This is in no way a criticism but I noticed you are new to the blog world and are suffering from lack of comments.
I'll read you if you read me...