Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays To All!

I went to see my stylist today to try and take a few years off before we hit 2006 and gave her the skinny scarf that has plagued my days and nights for so long now. It was worth the work and angst...she loved it. I still didn't really get any input into the length of my hair, but that's ok. The highlights were amazing...I feel 20 again. OK, maybe 30...38???? A young 40? Whatever...I'll just act really immature. That'll be fine. It's what I do anyway.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday (whichever one in which you may indulge). The sheep does Christmas herself and is looking forward to a certain special something from Mumsy and Dadsy this year. I assisted them in the shopping process with some very strong hints. I hope to post pix tomorrow should my repeatedly complaining about this lack of one thing in my fibery life pay off. Cross your fingers!

Now...everybody go to bed. Santa won't come if you don't.


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mrichme said...

Sheepish Annie,

Happy Festivus Day! We will think of you tonight at dinner. We really miss the days when the sound of Chuck's boots sent shivers down our backs.