Sunday, December 25, 2005

Just what I wanted!!

Mom and Dad came through! I am now the proud owner of a Jensen Tensioned Lazy Kate. Dear Old Dad used Tung Oil to stain the cherry wood and it is a perfect match to my Tina II. ( he is also the master craftsman behind the assembly and finish on that bad girl) Desdemona doesn't seem as impressed, though:

Can't eat it, can't sleep on it...I fail to see the point.
Well, it's not hers, is it? I'd love to show it with some filled bobbins, but I need to get busy at the wheel before that can happen. There's some "weather" headed into Maine this evening so perhaps tomorrow I'll feel the urge to get on that.
I hope that happy holidays were had by all and that you were able to find the joy in the season. Warmest wishes and now let's all go eat the left-overs before the New Year diet!!!

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