Saturday, December 03, 2005

...then adjust branches in a natural fashion.

It's the first weekend in December and that means it is time for my yearly bout of "tree stress." This affliction is characterized by loss of sleep, an overly developed need for symmetry and the humming of carols in a high-pitched keening voice while rocking back and forth in the corner. I simply insist on going through this year after year, despite the trauma. I do love looking at each ornament and recalling where I was in my life when I obtained it. As for "arranging the branches in a natural fashion," I say, "hooey!!!" The whole reason behind going artificial was that my experiences with "natural" were less than holiday fun-filled. There was the year I cut my own and ended up with the tree that made the Charlie Brown tree look like it came right from the White House. Then there was the "trapped under the fallen and ice covered tree in the middle of the living room and having to just hope that someone found me before death" incident of '97. It just never seemed to work out like it does in the tissue commercials. I want the ease and perfection that comes with fake!

As I've found a better camera, I'm posting a better picture of the neckwarmer that I finished during the halcyon days of medication. It still doesn't look like it's going to make it into "vogue knitting," but at least I feel like I've proven that I own a somewhat decent camera...

And to prove that the sheep can't take a decent picture no matter what (give me a break...sheep don't have opposable thumbs) here's the first bobbin of Lincoln/Metallic. I hope to have the second one ready for plying by tomorrow. It's not much as I've decided to do one skein as a Christmas gift for a knitting co-worker and use a different color for my upcoming cardigan.

Tree Stress, anxiety, the pressure to finish those last minute gifties...why do we put ourselves through it? I guess it all comes down to that desire for the "perfect" holiday experience. (the sheep is also a counselor...did you know that?) Each year, I try to spend a little time reminding myself of all the reasons why I make 'n bake: Friends, family, having reached a point in life where I am able to show the people I care about how special they are by sharing small (or not so small) tokens. These are all things for which I am grateful. Even with all the anxiety, its not something I would ever give up. At least until I can afford a personal shopper to make my Wal-Mart runs.

Enjoy the weekend and the season!


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