Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Reality Bites!!!!!!!

OK...I thought I was so darn productive this past weekend. I went to bed Sunday night and slept the sleep of the righteous, secure in the knowledge that I had slaved and labored for the benefit of all who do now or will someday know me. I am an idiot.

Monday morning arrived and I realized that I had neglected the following:
1. My lunch
2. Clothing for the day ahead
3. Prep work for my 2 new students
4. An 8 page report on the supervised visit I did on Thursday night and due by mail within 24 hours of the visit.

So, I went to work looking like a hobo and ate cheese for lunch. Old cheese. This depressed me enough that I still have yet to put together that report. Not that it matters, I don't have any stamps anyway. Back to my usual state of disarray and excuses.

Oh well. I did manage to get another neck-warmer done for a staff gift. Not that I'll have a job if this keeps up for much longer. I'll probably be able to sell them from the back of my car/home and eke out some sort of a living. They'll call me the "scarf lady" and throw cans at me when I stumble into their neighborhood pathetically waving hand-made neck-warmers at passersby. The Department of Health and Human Services, failing to recognize me as a former colleague, will do periodic checks on me to ensure that I am alive and not eating cat food. It will be a simple life, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (that's what folks say when they can't think of anything positive to say about your situation) I can make it work.

Hope that you also have career aspirations and goals for which you strive. Best of luck!


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