Thursday, December 15, 2005


That's D and rhymes with T and that stands for "tooth." Today, rebel that I am, I ate a 1" cube of cheese. And there went the rest of my crown. Dr. DeSade is going to yell at me. This is not going to be pretty.

And yet I'm in an oddly calm place at the moment. I hear that condemned prisoners experience this same feeling of detatchment just before being led down that long hallway towards their final judgment.

I am, however, back to work on the skinny scarf. I ended up scrapping the first one after dropping one lousy stitch. This yarn just loves itself and doesn't want to let go once knitted into a big old self-hug so trying to go back and pick that bad-boy up was more of a hassle than just starting over. This time I opted to go with a seed stitch. You can't see it, but I always love the drape you get with this stitch and a fine yarn. If I focus, I may be able to get this thing done in time to give it to my stylist at my next appointment. She is a sweet woman with a strong personality. I rarely get a say in how my hair is going to be coiffed and I'm hoping to convince her to let it grow out a bit this time. I need this scarf as a distraction!!!!

So it is with crossed fingers that the Sheep hits the hay tonight. Here's hoping that: 1. I can get this scarf finished in time 2. Dental Procedure #2 is pain-free and 3. Dr. DeSade is feeling well and happy with his lot so he doesn't feel his usual urge to take out all his life's little disappointments on me.


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