Thursday, December 08, 2005

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Guest Blogger: Persephone

Me 'n The Sheep In The Sick Room

Persephone here. The sheep is down with the stomach flu or some such thing given to her by some little kid who sneezed on her or wiped a booger on her or whatever it is that those creatures do. This has meant a busy day for me what with all the comforting and care-taking. Now I have to do her blog...sheesh. A kitty's work is never done.

It all started this morning around 4:45 when she got up looking a bit green. I could have told her then that she wasn't going to work today, but it was 7:00 before she made the call. Mommy is such a hopeful creature. Even a feline knows that a temp. of 101 does not bode well.

Now some (physicians for example) might have suggested Advil and plenty of fluids. I, however, know better. Once she was settled on the couch, I parked myself on her tummy, then on her chest, then her feet and so on and so on for the remainder of the day. It's an intensive form of therapy devised by cats to limit restroom breaks, food, water...whatever she might think she needs. I know better. The sheer warmth of my body, fly-away fur in her face, licking and loud purring are all remedies stronger than penicillin. She complained alot, but I hung in there and she seems to be feeling much better. Mommy will tell you that it was the Advil she snuck when I took a litter break, but what does she know?

Hopefully all my hard work today will pay off and she will be back in fighting form tomorrow. I am simply wiped out from this day, but she is such a great human to have around that I don't mind. Perhaps in the near future she will have enough strength to clean that box...

Purrs and kitty snuffles to all,

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