Friday, December 09, 2005

Karma: Don't believe the hype!

The Sheep is back to sitting upright and consuming coffee! There is hope! I seem to be recovering from my bout with the killer virus (I guess I don't actually have the Bird Flu) and Persephone's ministrations. And, as if to prove that one can escape retribution from all the nasty Karmic vibrations, it seems we have a monster storm moving into Maine. That means, yes, you guessed it: NO SCHOOL!!!!!!

It's a good thing; I'm still a bit on the weak side today, although I was ready to go to work when I learned that I'd been given a reprieve. When I'm not moving snow, I shall attempt to get some knitting done. I wasn't able to yesterday as focusing my sheepy little eyeballs led to a weird sort of queasiness and then... well, that's best left to the imagination. Suffice it to say it involved the flinging of care-taking cats who were parked on my tummy and running for the luxurious restroom accommodations. Bleeech!

So, I'm setting up tonight's Parenting Education session as a phone "check-in" and getting ready to hunker down for the storm! Long weekend, here I come!!!!


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missemilysmom said...

I am glad you are doing well.... Yes Frog's do not do well in the winter!! It was not going to look like a frog foot...